10 simple methods to fix corrupted Word file

By Laura

When you want to open a Word file but it has some errors and thus cannot be displayed. This makes you worry since it might be an important contract or a report, ect.

Your Word file suddenly cannot be opened, and thus you are really worried. You can be assured because it can be one of errors that Betdownload.com mentions below.

10 methods to fix corrupted Word file

1. Creating a backup for Word file

This is what I want you to really focus on. You should create a backup for your Word file when it is not corrupted and upload itto internet or store it on CD. If your Word file starts showing signs of damage, you should also back up in case the Word files is damaged and cannot be recovered.

2. Try on other computers

May be the problem does not come from your Word file but from your Office or because your Windows has some errors that makes your word file not be able to be opened. You can copy the Word file to another computer, or reinstall Office suite for your PC.

3. Checking Your Email

If you send mail or receive mail from someone, then a backup of the document file will be stored in Inbox or Sent.

4. Run CHKDSK process

Open Command Prompt and run CHKDSK process (check disk) on the partition containing the corrupted word file. CHKDSK has a function to fix some errors, and maybe your word file can be revived.

5. Save another formats

Errors may also be created from the file format. You can save the file as different formats by Save As ... and choose another format to save.

6. Try with other software

If the file cannot be opened by Microsoft Word, then you should try other Office suites such as Open Office (the Office is free), or Kingsoft Office.

7. Use the function Repair of Word

Word has a feature that allows correcting corrupted file, that is Open and Repair. You can open Word, open Open windows and the Word file and open it with Open and Repair in Word.

8. Extract the raw document

If your documentdoes not have lots of images, formats, or complex editing, you can choose to restore the raw document by Recover Text from Any File.

9. Use the function of Windows Vista

If you are using Windows Vista, you are lucky because this version of Windows is capable of automatically creating a backup of the document on your hard drive. However, the partition is NTFS.

10. Use data recovery software

If such methods cannot help you, try a professional data recovery program. Recently, there are a lot of programs for recovering texts. Easy Office Recovery is quite popular with office users, you can use this to restore your file.
We have showed you 10 methods to fix the corrupted Word file, so you can easily retrieve the text content effectively. Hopefully, these little tricks will be helpful for you.

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