3 methods to convert PDF to Word effectively

By Laura

PDF is a well known format with very high security, therefore, if you are not the person who created these PDF file, you cannot change its contents. There are lots of ways to convert a Word file into PDF before uploading them on the internet. Here are 3 most effective way.

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular formats today, however, it is not highly appreciated in security. PDF format still has the best security. Therefore, before you want to upload a Word document on the Internet, you should first convert them to PDF format.

Method 1: Convert Word to PDF from Microsoft Word text editor. From the 2007 version and beyond, Microsoft developers have released extra features to save Word files to PDF or XPS format.
However, this function is not available but is considered an add-on installed on the Microsoft Office software. Just download and install the add-on like other software on your computer (download Microsoft Save as PDF in betdownload.com).
After successfully conducting a document or opening a Word document t to convert, you want to convert, choose the Office button on the top left of the utility, choose Save As - >PDF to XPS (after installing Microsoft Save on your computer as PDF, XPS to PDF function will appear on the toolbar).

While saving, you should note the settings:
- File name: Name of PDF file (usually the same as Word file name).
- Optimize for: Optimize PDF output.
- Standard (publishing online and printing): Optimize for printing and uploading on the Internet.
- Minimum size (publishing online): Optimize size of the output, suitable for uploading on the Internet.
- Open file after publishing: the output PDF file will open automatically when it is saved by a PDF reader installed on your computer.
Click pulish to save the settings.

Method 2: Using online converter.
On the Internet, there are a lot of Web sites that allow you to convert Word to PDF format, one of which is http://www.pdfonline.com/ Website < --- Copy and paste this link directly to the URL address bar.

In this website, there are 2 main functions for you:
- PDF to Word: Convert PDF to Word.
- Word to PDF Convert Word to PDF.
To convert Word to PDF, select  Word to PDF function. Click Upload a File to Convert to select a Word file the file on your PC.
Note: The Word file has a maximum size of 5MB.

Choose Make my document public if you want to preview the document after conversion, or mark Do not make my document public.
Click Continue to continue.

Conversion time depends mainly on the file size. When the conversion process is finished, click Download PDF file to download the converted PDF file.

Method 3: Use conversion software.
Among software that can convert Word to PDF file, Advanced Word to PDF Converter is capable of converting best, it supports for converting Word file in DOC, DOCX, DOCM, TXT, RTF to PDF quickly.
You can see more in Advanced Word to Pdf Converter Free - How to convert Word to PDF.
Link download: Advanced Word to Pdf Converter Free.

Wish you success!

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