4 options to restore deleted files on computer more effectively

By Laura

Sometimes you lose your important data by accidently deleting it or formatting the drive. Do not worry, since your files can be recovered if it is found soon.

To recover deleted files is a difficult task for lots of people. When losing data, do not worry because you can overcome effectively.

4 options to restore deleted files on computer more effectively

This article will discuss 4 options to restore deleted files on your computer effectively.

Option 1: Check Recycle Bin

When you delete files, the data will normally be stored in recyle bin. Just click the icon on your desktop and open Recycle. Maybe you will find the file, it is very simple just right-click on the file name and select Restore.

Option 2: Use a backup of You

If you often backup your hard drive, the files are still there. In fact, today there are lots of backup solutions such as storing data on a portable hard drive or cloud storage services. Threfore, each backup method will usually have its own recovery measures.

Option 3: Use File Recovery Software

If the delete files is not in Recycle Bin, the file may still exist. So when you delete files from your system, it still exists until you overwrite new data on the location of the file that Windows has stored. If there are not too many changes, to recover the deleted files is possible.

And one of the best file recovery tool is Recuva Portable

It is a free and very easy to use tool. You can use Recuva Portable to recover deleted files from your system as quickly as possible.

This software can specify the type of data to narrow the scan scope and accelerate the search process. The program supports you to preview the contents of the found file so that you can know whether it is the needed file or not.

Option 4: Hire a Professional Data Recovery Company

If the above measure cannot recover your data, maybe you have to hire a data recovery company . And before determining to hire a company or individual to recover important data, you have to carefully consider in order to protect your data.

Hopefully, these 4 measures will help you restore deleted files on your computer. Finally, thank you for reading this article.

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