4 Ways To Copy File Quickly in Windows

By Laura

Copying, moving data is a regular work of lots of computer use. For small packets, this process takes place quickly and conveniently, however, for the large packet, it is very time consuming.

It is not easy to copy large data which is up to a few hundred Gigabytes (Gb) or Terabyte (Tb). To minimize this problem, Betdownload.com would like to introduce to you some helpful solutions.

4 Ways To Copy File Quickly in Windows

Method 1: To copy, you should use the shortcut on your keyboard in Windows operating system instead of using mouse (this also helps you save time, especially when you have to copy data in a row).

The keyboard combinations are:

- Ctrl + C: copy source files, folders and documents.....

- Ctrl + X: cut source files, folders, documents......

- Ctrl + V: paste files, folders and documents.....

Method 2: Use Windows 8 operating system.

With this option, users can upgrade their operating system from the older versions (such as Windows XP, Windows 7) to the new operating system Windows 8. With Windows 8, the copying speed is considered much faster than the old version; especially, it can be paused or resumed at any time, which is not available in the older version.

Method 3: Use Robocopy.

To carry out this method, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Menu Start, type cmd and press Enter

Step 2: Using robocopy command to copy the data, with the syntax:

Robocopy  Drive_Name:\Source_Folder Drive_Name:\Target_Folder

Then press Enter.

(Note: Here, I copy data from DungLV to Dung folder in C drive).

The copying process will be implemented.

Method 4: Using software to copy and move data.

In this method, I would like to introduce TeraCopy, this software is completely free and compatible with all operating systems.

After you download and install the software on your computer, the program’s interface is shown as below:

Then copy, move data in a normal way.

Note: You can press Pause to cease the process and press Resume to continue the process of copying, moving data.

Wish you success!

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