5 basic functions of Google Chrome you should know

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Google Chrome is designed and developed by Google, the world`s leading software company. Our following article will guide people who are new to Google Chrome on how to use some built-in features of this Web browser.

You are searching a Web browser which can meet your basic demands for high browsing speed, quick download speed, the ability to access multiple Websites simultaneously, etc. Google Chrome is the right tool you are looking for.

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With outstanding features, Chrome became the leading Web browser among 10 best Web browsers in 2013, which is announced by toptenreviews.


* Search Function

You do not need to access famous search tools like Google or Bing. You can search information you want directly on the interface of Google Chrome.


Type the keyword on the URL bar of Chrome.

Google Chrome

Press Enter on the keyboard, then the results will be displayed.

* Access Websites Anonymously

By surfing the Web in an anonymous window, other people cannot know what you did on Internet, for example, they cannot know which Websites you accessed or which files you downloaded, etc.


On the interface of Chrome, click on the control bar on the right corner of the screen, then select New Incognito Windows (or press Ctrl + Shift + N)

* Bookmark a favorite Website

When searching information on Internet, you find a Website which shares lots of useful information. You should bookmark this Website for the future use. Use the bookmark function of Chrome to save these addresses.


Open the Website you want to save, then click on the star-shaped icon at the end of the URL bar.

A Pop-up window appears so that you can name this Website or change the Web storage folder.

Then, click Done to close the window.

To open this Web later, you just need click on the control bar of Chrome and select Bookmarks.

To display bookmarked pages on the Taskbar of Chrome, after clicking Bookmarks, select Show bookmarks bar (or press Ctrl + Shift + B).

Or to view the list of bookmarked Websites, also in the Bookmark window, select Bookmark Manager(or press Ctrl + Shift + O)

* Check Spelling

You want to search information on foreign Websites, but you are not sure if the keyword you type is right or not. The spell-checking function of Chrome will help you check the spelling of your typed keyword accurately.

Right click on the keyword you want to check, then select Search Google for"..."

Immediately, this function will switch to Google Search tool and display the right keyword you want to search.

* Open a Tab in a new window

You often open multiple Websites on separate Tabs. However, if you want to view a Web at any time, you should place that Tab in a new Window.


Keep the mouse on the Tab you want to open, then drop it to the main interface of Chrome. Automatically, a new Web browser window will appear. It is the Website you have just dropped.

Conclusion : Those are 5 most important functions of Google Chrome you should know before using this utility to access Internet. When a new version is launched on the market, Google producer will update newest features and perfect existing features to satisfy your demands.

If you find it too difficult to use Google Chrome, you can replace this browser with others on this Website.

Wish you success!

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