Facebook - Limit audience for shared posts on Facebook

By Laura | 06/07/2018 12:00
It is not difficult if you do not want some friends on your friend list to see your shared posts on Facebook. All you need to do is to put them in restricted list.

Ways to fix the error “Have been repairing the damaged system files” on Droid4x

By Laura | 08/23/2017 18:00
You get the error “Have been repairing the damaged system files” when installing Droid4x. In this article, will give you some easy-to-apply ways to fix this error. Let’s get started!

Ways to fix the error Droid4X cannot download APK files

By Laura | 08/23/2017 12:00
Droid4X cannot dowload APK files. Don’t be worried, there are many ways to install applications on Droid4X. Follow the steps as below with now!

How to connect Droid4X with Android smartphones

By Laura | 08/22/2017 18:00
Have you ever connected Droid4X with your Android mobile phone? In the following article, will give you some ways to create connection between Android smartphones and PC installing Droid4X to control and play games in an easy manner.

Droid4X cannot support Athlon AMD chipset, how to fix this error?

By Laura | 08/22/2017 12:00
The fact Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset is not any phenomena because other Android emulators may encounter it. The reason is mainly caused by programming of Droid4X. Of course, there is always an useful solution to fix the error Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset.

How to edit PDF content, file with Foxit Reader

By Laura | 08/17/2017 18:00
Editing PDF helps you to change information, copy and extract data from the PDF file to serve your works. Nowadays, there are pretty many tools available which can support in editing PDF files efficiently. One of the softwares preferred by a lot of users is Foxit Reader.

How to make emoticons smaller in Skype

By Laura | 08/17/2017 12:00
Skype is one of the free chatting and messenging applications with the large number of emoticons. Moreover, Skype is the best choice by many users to show their feelings and make their conversations more lively and happily.

How to turn off typing notifications in Skype

By Laura | 08/16/2017 18:00
In fact, the trick turning off typing notifications in Skype is not extremely important. However, while chatting with friends, colleagues or even on working chat groups, you are typing a sentence and forget to enter the Enter button to send or remove this sentence, other chatters will find you typing in Skype. Thus, turning off typing notifications in Skype may be a privacy assurance when you are working with this software.

How to fix "Skype has stopped working" on Windows

By Laura | 08/06/2017 12:00
Skype is running normally. Suddenly, you cannot access it as normal and it always displays the notification that Skype has stopped working". will guide you how to solve this problem so that you can use Skype normally.

Causes for laptop screen getting dark, blurred

By Laura | 07/26/2017 12:00
In many cases, users encounter the situation of their laptop screens getting dark, blurred, so it is difficult to see. As such, what are causes of the above situation? How do you resolve the problem?

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