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You want to turn off notification function of Adobe Reader to concentrate on your work. Thanks to this feature, notifications which are often displayed when you are working will be automatically hidden and return a silent space for you. will guide you through steps to quickly turn off this notification bar.

You do not want to see the appearance of notification bar in Adobe Reader software. How to turn off this notification bar and improve the software efficiency while still saving and expanding your work space. Previously, have instructed you how to hide notification bar in Foxit Reader software, now, you will be provided with the same method for Adobe Reader software in this article.

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Hide notification bar in Adobe Reader
Step 1: Open Adobe Reader, on Menu bar, select Edit -->Preferences (or press Ctrl+K key combination) to change some options.

Adobe Reader

Step 2: In Categories section: on the left of Preferences dialogue box, select Forms

In General section on the right of the screen, select "Always hide forms document message bar" to turn off the notification bar.

Click OK to save the settings.
Therefore, from now on, you will not be annoyed with the appearance of the notification bar whenever you open a PDF file in Adobe Reader any more. This not only helps you work more convenient but also helps the software operate more effectively.

Wish you success!

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