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Adobe Reader not only supports users in reading and viewing PDF files but also enables you to watch videos and audios on a website or activate them from an available link in PDF. will show you how to change your music player to watch these media files in the best way.

As you may know that one of Adobe Reader’s most outstanding features that is not possessed by all PDF readers is the ability to play music and watch videos directly from available links in PDF files. This utility supports almost all common audio and video formats such as MOV, M4V, 3GP, FLV, F4V, MP4, MP3, etc.

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However, instead of watching videos and listening to music on the built-in music player offered by the software developer, you want to replace it with your favorite music and video player, let’s follow the below steps.
How to replace the music player in Adobe Reader
Step 1: After installing  Adobe Reader on your computer, open the utility.
Step 2: On the toolbar, select Edit -->Preferences or use Ctrl + K key combination
Step 3: In Categories section, select Multimedia (legacy).
From Player Options window, replace the music player in Preferred Media Player

Adobe Reader

Click OK to save the setting
Here, selects Windows Media Player as the music player; therefore, whenever clicking any video or music link, Adobe Reader will automatically connect to Windows Media Player so that you can listen to Media files on this utility.
In addition to Adobe Reader, you can download other PDF file readers from

Wish you success!

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