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By Laura

Do you currently own a new generation of smartphone? It is too wasteful if you ignore such applications that manufacturers are updating day by day. In the following article, we will introduce you to the 5 best apps on Android which have just been released ealier this year.

Here are 5 best apps for the Android platform that have just emerged from the beginning of the year but has attracted a large number of users downloading from all over the world

1. Google Camera for Android

Google Camera for Android is an exclusive camera app which has been newly released by Google for Android device. Since its very first day in the market, Google Camera for Android was expected to replace integrated camera app as users will always be updated with many new functions for camera but no need to waiting for any updates from the producer.

Google Camera for Android also allows you to capture the whole panorama screen with high resolution, Photo Sphere function allows you to capture 360⁰, etc. At the same time, this app can alert users when shooting in portrait mode, 360-degree photos can customize the wallpaper...

Unfortunately, this app only supports Android 4.4 KitKat upward, you can download Google Camera for Android here.

2. Studio Design for Android

Design Studio for Android is equipped with many tools, filters, effects ... users can edit their images in the most pleasant way.

Users can share these finished works on social networks which are already integrated such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ...

Currently Studio Design for Android only support for Android 4.0 ICS version upward, you can download Studio Design for Android here.

3. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute for Android

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute for Android provides users with exercises from basic to advanced, for beginners or those who have been practicing for years, from amateur to professional athletes ... all are in only 7 minutes.

In particular, most of the exercises on the application are selected and guided by the fitness experts from Johnson & Johnson, who have appeared on the newspaper's reputation as NY Times, Good Morning America .…

Currently Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute for Android version upward, you can download  Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute for Android for free here

4. Udemy for Android

Udemy app for Android is synthesized from thousands of online courses in a range of different areas including programming, photography, business, Yoga, design, baking, Marketing...

The app currently has over half a million new users, although it was only first launched in last April.

Currently Udemy app for Android only support for Android 4.0 ICS version upward, you can download   Udemy for Android for free here.

5. RAR for Android

Many users are familiar with the software compression / decompression data WinRAR then surely you will easily get familiar with RAR for Android because both are born from RARLAB software vendors. However, if the version for the PC was born a long time ago, since 1993, the new version for Android was launched on 10/3

Version for mobile with full features like creating or RAR compressed file format ZIP, extract the files to supported formats RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, 7z, ISO ... At the same time , users also can administer your data right on this application.

Currently, RAR for Android được RARLab are fully free, you can download RAR for Android here. You need at least Android 4.0

We have just introduced to you 5 best software for Android which newly appear this 2014. Wish you have good experiences with these apps

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