Andy - Android simulator on your computer

By Laura

As a free app, Andy will be really helpful for you to experience Android on your computer since it helps users run Android Jelly Bean version on a computer using Windows and Mac.

It can be said that besides Andy, some of you already know how to use Android on your computer. One of powerful and free Android simulators is Andy. You will have a pretty interesting experience with this software

Andy will meet the your desired operation on the computer from Android phones. Unlike BlueStacks, this free application can work on Windows and Mac. It also has the ability to synchronize data.

Andy - Android simulator on your computer

You can experience this free utility by installing and using it.

Step 1: First, download and install Andy

Step 2: wait a bit for the software to launch, the Welcome interface appears, which is quite similar to tablet. Click Next to go to Start

Step 3: Log into your Google account, then complete the installation process. You will be asked whether you want to provide information of Google account for 1ClickSync your or not, if you click yes, the app will allow you to synchronize Andy with your other Android devices.

Step 4: You will see the Android screen on PC with such function as rotating or converting modes depending on your desire. Full screen mode is controlled by FullScreen which enables users to change between the full screen mode or the window mode. Similarly, you can see Back, Home, Menu on your PC screen

These setting steps to is not too difficult. Thus, you can enter data on Android, access applications, play games, install and run applications on your computer. Hopefully, you will like Andy as well as my article. See you with more useful articles on

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Android emulator software on your computer


Andy emulator software


android experience on your computer with Andy

, the Android emulator software free

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