Auto shut-off, unlock the screen on Android

By Giang Doan

You always worry about the power key of your phone being damaged due to turn on/off your phone too many times or a touch devices with too wide screen, power button is too far behind for your hand. What you need now is the application completely replace your power button automatically.

In this article we will introduce you to the software Gravity Screen on / off for Android. This application will help you solve problems, help you reduce operations when using your own equipment.

Firstly, you need to download and install Gravity Screen on/off for Android for free here

Actually, after installing, you can activate this app by pressing On button without any further modification as the programmer has set a suitable configuration to recognize steps and turn on/off your phone.

I am going to explain to you some of options of Gravity Screen on/off for Android

On button is right in the left hand side of the screen, you have to press this button to change from off to on to activate Gravity Screen on/off for Android.

Next to it is a picture that is a phone for Gravity Screen on / off for the recognition your Android phone on the table or put away in the pocket PC with gravity sensors of the machine.

Pocket Sensor: adjust the angle of Gravity Screen on / off for Android recognizable when you leave the machine in the bag. The default angle is 60 degrees, that is when you tilt the machine 60 degrees or less to tuck in his bag machine, the machine will automatically turn off the screen. Similarly when taking out the open screen machine. You can drag this angle smaller or larger depending on the habit, but I've seen 60 degrees is reasonable

Any Direction: Please select here if you need to open the machine automatically shut down when the screen to the phone or face bags phone down. Now Proximity sensor will be used, not to spend any more gravity sensor

Table Sensor: manually adjust the angle of the screen shut off when placed on the table. Angle of 10 degrees was also reasonable, you can add (to pay for the full version to adjustments) or down, I saw 10 degrees is fine and should not need to do anything more.

Lying Face Up: Enabling this option if you want the screen turns itself off when we leave the phone on the table but face upwards machine. If you choose not only here, the machine switches itself off when we open screen face down phone only, and I think not many people choose to face down


Turn Screen OFF/ON by Proximity: if you give this option, Gravity Screen on / off for Android just spend gravity sensor to perform its duties.

Turn Screen ON by Motion: opening themselves when moving to detect the presence and direction on the screen. This feature may not work on all devices

Keep Screen ON by Motion: Use motion to order the Gravity Screen on / off for Android drilling off the screen

Booster: to enable and disable applications respond more quickly to open the screen, but if you still prefer to use a traditional power button should be turned off to avoid conflict

Vibration: vibrate when your phone is automatically turned off

Headphone support: when we fitted earphones in, the proximity sensor will automatically be activated. Then, the screen will automatically shut off when we put the machine in any direction in the bag.

Disable Screen Lock: disable drag to unlock. You can also do via the Settings section of the machine. This allows you to hold the camera up to use immediately, without having to open the machine.

Notification: put an icon in the notification bar of Android that allows us to pause app Gravity Screen on / off as needed for android.

Start at Boot: Run Gravity Screen on / off for the machine to boot Android.

I have tested on many different models. Most run well, the only thing is that your device battery will cost more than 1 bit. This is already evident. With the low profile models used for a long time and will suffer from the warm-up. Wish you have a good experience for yourself.

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Auto shut-off unlock the screen on Android


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