Back up and restore Start Screen on Windows 8/8.1

By Laura

Start Screen is a new feature on Windows 8, it appears when you have just restarted the computer. Start Screen enables you to attach to its favorite addresses of websites, folders, softwares, etc. so that you can access them in the fastest manner.

If your Start Screen stores your frequently-used websites, folders, etc. and you have to spend much time on adjusting them, and now you want to back up them to restore when they are lost. In this article, will instruct you to back up and restore Start Screen on Windows 8/8.1.


Step 1: Press Win+ R key combination to display Run box. Next, type

% LocalAppData% \ Microsoft \ Windows and then click Enter.

Step 2: After entering a new folder, search 2 following files:



The two files contain adjustments to Start Screen of Windows. The change of the two files will adjust Start Screen. So, you only need to copy the two files into storage folder. In the next time, you only need to copy the two files in storage folder and overwrite them.

In the scope of this article, has instructed you to back up and restore Start Screen on Windows 8/8.1 to restore it when you unintentionally lose it. In addition, if losing data on hard drives during the usage process, you can use data recovery softwares available on to restore them.


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