Backing up data on Android devices

By Laura

Data on personal devices are very important for anyone. To prevent cases that your device is broken or stolen, you should back up your data regularly. So how to backup quickly and efficiently? We will provide you with the most effective solution

Today we will guide you how to back up data according to its importance in different ways, depending on the device and the case that you can use

1. Backup contacts, calendar

Contact is probably the most important thing because we hardy can take it back if it is lost. Therefore, regular backup phonebook is what you should do. Fortunately, in Android, all contacts will be synchronized with your Google account.

You can also go to the phonebook menu, select Import / Export to save them to your sim or memory card.

The data calendar is the same, you just need to log in your Google account to sync your data

To manually backup Android contacts and calendar data, you need a Google account to log in by going to Settings > Accounts > Add account > Google ( or select the account you signed in).

Note: You should not share a Google account since your personal data might be mistaken with other people

2. Backup photos and video

It would be a shame to lose your pictures and your videos. Those moments cannot be taken back.

The most frequently way is to share on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google +, etc. However, nobody do it with all their photos and videos. Here I want to introduce to you Dropbox tool for you to sync pictures and contacts easily

Dropbox will automatically download full-size image on line, ensuring your entire image library will be retained. Limitation of Dropbox is that it has small original capacity, only 2GB, if you use HTC or Samsung, it will be 25GB more. And if you invite your friends using the app, the extra storage is also given to you. I myself use Dropbox regularly. To activate, run Dropbox > menu > Settings > Turn on Camera Upload.

The easiest way is to copy files from your Android device to your computer. Simple, fast.

3. Backup message

We can backup message by apps on Google Play Store. Here I use SMS Backup & Restore for Android. You can download and learn more about SMS Backup & Restore for Android here

SMS Backup & Restore for Android allows us to backup and restore the entire SMS quickly. Moreover, SMS Backup & Restore for Android also separates output file with the version of the operating system. You may be used it to restore the other Android devices

Also, on some of HTC or LG ( and some other manufacturers ), we can also back up your messages with the default SMS application that the manufacturer installed on the device. Go to Backup / Restore SMS and it is usually located in the menu or Menu > Settings.

4. Backups call logs

The backup call logs can also be done by a third-party application. I often use Call Logs Backup & Restore for Android because it's simple, easy to use and free. You can download and learn more about Call Logs Backup & Restore for Android here. Similar to SMS Backup & Restore for Android, you can backup and restore call logs from two different ROMs.

5. Backup application data

Application data is created when we use apps. It can be configured for each app, save your game. Depending on the software that creates data, data will be different. However, to back up the original application of the manufacturer, you need the right of the developers. In this article, I only mention how to backup apps you installed yourself by App Backup & Restore for Android. You can download and learn more about App Backup & Restore for Android here

So we have guided you how to back up database. My advice is that you should regularly back up your data to avoid unfortunate situations

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