Battery Saving for iOS 7 (iPhone, iPad)

By Laura

iOS 7 was officially released by Apple with a completely different interface, better design, more eye-catching look. However, devices using iOS 7 will run out of battery quickly. This article will help you solve this problem.

Everyone has their own way to save battery life for devices using iOS 7 with efficiency. However, most of them only turn off functions on the operating system. Here I would like to introduce to you some of those settings.

1. Disable Bluetooth on AriDrop on iOS, because this function will reduce battery.

2. Disable the feature of Wifi auto-detection, this function allows the device to automatically detect wifi when you are in a public place. This will make your battery drops significantly.

To disable it, go to Settings/Wifi/Turn OFF Ask to Join Networks.

3. Disable GPS navigation, this app lets devices determine the position of your phone, make updates, share with friends accurately. Disable this function will help significantly your battery savings.

Go to Settings/ Privacy/ Location Services, and then turn off unnecessary list.

4. Disable automatic updates of new applications on iTunes & App Store. This feature allows your device automatically updated when there is a new version, to save battery power you should turn this off.

To turn this off go to Settings/ iTunes & App Store, go to Updates in Automatic Downloads.

5. Turn off the feature of auto brightness. This mode enables you to change the screen brightness as you move to areas where excess or lack of light, but this mode will make the battery quickly reduced significantly.

To turn it off, go to Settings/ Brightness & Wallpaper and turn off Auto - Brightness.

6. Disable Put Mail, this function allows iOS devices Check mail continuously, if you do not really need it, get rid of it to save battery.

Go to Settings/ Mail, Contacts and Calendar/ Fetch New Data.

7. Turn off Raise to Speak feature on Siri. This function is not used much in Vietnam since you can only use commands in English, you should turn off to save battery.

Go to Settings/ General/ Siri to turn off.

8. Finally, the new apps of iOS 7, 3D screen shake. This app will create the screen shake effect when moving the device. You can turn off this feature to increase the battery time.

Go to Settings/ General/ Accessibility and disable Reduce Motion

Above are 8 settings to help you save the battery usage time on iOS 7. Alternatively, you can take a look at unnecessary features to remove them, it will help a lot for using iOS device more effectively.

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