Camera360 Ultimate – Guidelines for editing and adding photo effects

By Laura

Camera360 Ultimate has been a hot photo editor in Android devices, iOS or Windows phone. But have you actually used it effectively? This article will help you use this software in a simple effective way.

Today, I will guide you how to capture and add effect to your photos with Camera360 Ultimate. The latest Camera360 Ultimate offers various beautiful and unique effects, readers can download Camera360 Ultimate for Android here or Camera360 Ultimate for iOS here

After the installation is completed, Camera360 Ultimate will have the following interface

To start the program, select START

I) Capture photo

We have the photographing interface as follow

Here you will have 5 options numbered from 1 to 5

Tab 1 will help you review the photos and edit them (this item will be shown clearly in part 2 of the article)

Tab 2 will help you frame your shots in such ratios as 16:9, 4:9, 1:1, depending on the frame you want

Tab 3 is the camera button

Tab 4 is effects for you to add to your photo. The default opening of the program will be Effects

Effects are options to help you add effects to your photos more lively

Tip: One of the most appreciated effects is Sketch and Retro

Sketch allows you to create photo in pencil-styled effects. There will be so lots of options depending on your desires such as Surreal, B & W, Year, ect.

Retro is the part that I really love. You can make your photos in a ancient, rustic way.

Tip: To add multiple effects, ]choose More Effects, then the interface of "effect store" will appear. Here you can add effects

Tab 5 are items you can add to the capturing mode or add more effects, ect.

In this section there are options such as:

Effects (mentioned above)

Selfie is a mthod to take photo with the front camera

Easy is a simple way to take photo with Camera360 ultimate default

Scene is shot with frames

Tip: In this section, there is only one default frame for you. For a richer collection, you can click on the icon as shown in Figure

A lot of beautiful and vivid frame will be displayed for you to choose. To download, simply select the icon and it will be automatically downloaded

Recommendation: you do not need to care about this part, it is only for introducing other software
Morecamera is a part where to add more effects

Tilt-Shift: add Tilt-shift effect to the photos

Funny: create some funny effects such as Fish Eye, mirror effect, ect.

Color-shift: black and white effects with one color in the photo.

Audio: add sound to the photo.

II) Edit, apply photo effects

To review, edit and share your photos, select the icon in the bottom left corner as shown in Figure

Options will appear as follows

My Album is photos you've taken with Camera360 Ultimate

Other album is photos stored on your phones

The final icon will help us take photos stored on social networks or even cloud of Camera360 Ultimate

After selecting the photo, new tabs will appear

Share is the tab where you can share your photo on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Tiwtter, ect or you can also send SMS, Mail, Blutooth, ect very conveniently and quickly

Delete to delete the picture

Edit to edit with diverse styles to make your photo more vivid

Edit item will have 6 tabs for editing and adding effects such as: Effects (Photo Effects), Rotate (Rotate), Crop (crop), Adjust (adjust image), Texture, Blur

I will go deeper to each section as follows:

1. Effects: This option has been guided above, you can review in Part I

2. Rotate: You want your photos to be viewed in a different perspective. This option will help you do that easily. Rotate help you rotate left, right, left-right angle (like a mirror), top bottom (like water)

3. Crop: photographing cannot avoid excessive scenes. Camera360 Ultimate also supports us to eliminate them easily

4. Adjust: This option is also quite important. You can adjust your shots more harmoniously with sharpness, brightness, saturation, ect.

5. Texture: This effect allows us to add surrounding effects. This section is optional for you according to your desires

6. Blur: This option allows you to blur your photos, like your photos are taken in foggy weather. There are 3 options in this section, including circular blur, vertical blur and horizontal blur. Depend on cases to adjust it reasonably.

Below are unedited photo and edited photo

So you have finished the tutorial for capturing and editing effects to your photos with Camera360 Ultimate. However, for each image, you should choose suitable effects and frames for photos. I wish you gain the best pictures.

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