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Fix the error that causes Laptop to restart frequently

By Laura | 04/12/2014 12:00
Error that causes laptop to restart is really annoying and it can make your laptop damaged. Have you already known the cause and how to fix it yet?

Uninstall applications that start automatically with Win 7

By Laura | 04/06/2014 12:00
When you install software and applications on the system, some applications is set to start automatically with Windows. This makes the computer system boot slower since it has to load those applications.

Read PDF file, the best PDF file viewing programs with guidance

By Laura | 04/03/2014 19:54
PDF files are quite common and used by many users currently. So how to read this PDF file? With the help of specialized software, you can easily view PDF files on your computer.

Use Wise Game Booster to limit Lag problem

By Laura | 03/30/2014 12:00
Gaming and lag is a condition often occurs for every gamer especially some games require high configuration. But not everyone is conditioned to be equipped with suitable configuration for gaming.

Fix black screen error

By Laura | 03/30/2014 12:00
Once day when your computer has been started and you realize that your computer’s beautiful background is replaced by a black screen. Is your computer errored?

Cut Bad sectors on hard drive by PartitionMagic

By Laura | 03/28/2014 12:00
Bad- Sector is a very serious error for a hard drive, it can cause loss of important data. The heavier it is, the bigger damage it will cause.

Turn off shadows under window in Windows 7

By Laura | 03/21/2014 12:00
Shadows under window in Win 7 often bothers user when they want to take screenshot. Because that shadow appears around the picture user want to take screenshot. Is there any way to remove this shadow?

How to read, open Host file on Windows XP/7/8

By Laura | 03/20/2014 12:00
Hosts file on the computer is considered as a place to store server's IP information and the domain. You can also edit the hosts file to block or redirect to Web sites, or to add command line to access Facebook, or to adjust parameters in the system, ect.

Find bad hard drive by Windows Surface Scanner

By Laura | 03/16/2014 12:00
Windows Surface Scanner is a specialized program for checking the operation status of the hard drive and finding hard drive error so that users can make a plan and choose specialized software to fix error and avoid data loss.

Windows password recovery by Lazesoft Recover My Password Home

By Laura | 03/16/2014 12:00
Using password to log into your computer will give you privacy while working and learning, however, it will lead to a lot of trouble when you suddenly forget the password.

Find Bad drive by HDDScan

By Laura | 03/16/2014 12:00
Hard drive used for a long time will be damaged since extracting data may lead to hard drive fragmentation. So how to discover and fix Bad HDD?

Find Bad Sector Hard Drive by Ariolic Disk Scanner

By Laura | 03/16/2014 12:00
Ariolic Disk Scanner is a program searching and fixing hard drive error, it enables users to see the status and operation of the drive to find error in time and to make the recovery plan. Thus, user will not lose important data stored on the hard drive.

How to log in Windows when forgetting password

By Laura | 03/15/2014 12:00
When using your computer, you often set password to avoid unauthorized access. However, once day, you forget the password to log in your computer, so what will you do?

Change the default installation path in Win 7

By Laura | 03/12/2014 22:18
When you install a program, commonly it automatically is installed in the path C:\Program Files. However, if you install too many programs or games , C drive will be extremely full.

Top 5 system cleaners and optimizers

By Laura | 03/12/2014 12:00
Your computer’s operation has become slower and slower and is sometimes hung up. You are wondering about which software can clean the computer effectively. Let’s use one of the top 5 system cleaners and optimizers below.

Defragment hard drive, Bad HDD in Windows 7

By Laura | 03/12/2014 12:00
Hard drive fragmentation regularly occurs when user moves data. To limit this, there are a lot of specialized programs, however, is there any way to avoid Bad HDD without using software?

Recover WinRAR password by WinRAR Password Cracker

By Laura | 03/12/2014 12:00
When you download a file of WinRAR from the Internet but do not have a password to open or you do not remember your password of your WinRAR file, how to solve this problem? would like to introduce to you a solution: WinRAR Password Cracker.

WinRAR password recovery by RAR Password Unlocker

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
RAR Password Unlocker is capable of recovering lost passwords of Winrar file. Besides the function of recovering password, the program is also capable of finding Winrar files with password saved in your computer.

Fix ”Not Responding” in Windows

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
"Not Responding”makes you unable to close the application. User can open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, however, Task Manager does not always work well.

Remove PDF password with PDF Password Cracker

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
When downloading a PDF file that you do not know its password, or you do not remember your password. PDF Password Cracker Enterprise program will help you remove the password easily.

Remove PDF password with PDF Password Cracker

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
When downloading a PDF file that you do not know its password, or you do not remember your password. PDF Password Cracker Enterprise program will help you remove the password easily.

Recover password by Password Cracker

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
Password Cracker is a utility that helps you retrieve your password of files stored in the computer. In addition, this utility also helps you to retrieve password of the account you used to log on the website or forums on your computer.

Create a.bat file to turn off the computer

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
If you want to shut down your computer, you often take familiar steps to shutdown. There is a faster auto shutdown than the conventional way without using software. Follow the article below to know how to do it.

Top 5 virtual disk creators

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
You want to install more applications, play videos, listen to music disks, etc., but your computer does not have a CD/DVD driver or the CD/DVD driver has been damaged. How to overcome this difficulty? Below are top 5 virtual disk creators for replacing the physical CD/DVD driver, offered to you by

Fixed Detected A Hard Disk Problem

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
Someday, when your computer pops up “Windows detected a hard disk problem”, the first thing you need to do is back up all data on the hard drive and find dedicated software to fix the problem because your hard drive has bad sectors.

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