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Causes for laptop screen getting dark, blurred

By Laura | 07/26/2017 12:00
In many cases, users encounter the situation of their laptop screens getting dark, blurred, so it is difficult to see. As such, what are causes of the above situation? How do you resolve the problem?

Windows 8.1 - How to delete unused wifi network

By Laura | 08/09/2014 13:00
You use your computer and connect wifi in public place, however, you only visit some places once and you want to remove its wifi since it is not used anymore. Therefore, Windows 8.1 offer you a very useful feature, that is deleting wifi network when not in use.

Fix the error of mouse lag on Windows 8.1

By Laura | 08/08/2014 17:00
You are using Windows 8.1 with new features, however, it is annoying when you are using and the mouse lags, Today’s article will guide you how to fix the mouse lag on windows 8.1.

Fix Win 7 errors, best softwares for fixing Windows errors

By Laura | 08/01/2014 15:20
The Windows 7 operating system is widely used by computer users because of its usability, nice interface and high stability. However, during usage process, many system errors may occur as a result of a number of factors such as viruses or users’ inappropriate usage. Here, would like to introduce to you a number of tools that can fix these errors.

How to install Advanced SystemCare Pro to fix Windows errors

By Laura | 07/20/2014 16:30
Advanced SystemCare Pro is a utility that helps you detect, analyze and repair Windows efficiently and optimize the computer system. To use this software, you need to install Advanced SystemCare Pro properly.

Fix the error that causes Laptop to restart frequently

By Laura | 04/12/2014 12:00
Error that causes laptop to restart is really annoying and it can make your laptop damaged. Have you already known the cause and how to fix it yet?

Fix black screen error

By Laura | 03/30/2014 12:00
Once day when your computer has been started and you realize that your computer’s beautiful background is replaced by a black screen. Is your computer errored?

How to log in Windows when forgetting password

By Laura | 03/15/2014 12:00
When using your computer, you often set password to avoid unauthorized access. However, once day, you forget the password to log in your computer, so what will you do?

Fix ”Not Responding” in Windows

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
"Not Responding”makes you unable to close the application. User can open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, however, Task Manager does not always work well.

Fixed Detected A Hard Disk Problem

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
Someday, when your computer pops up “Windows detected a hard disk problem”, the first thing you need to do is back up all data on the hard drive and find dedicated software to fix the problem because your hard drive has bad sectors.

Fix auto-restart and auto-shutdown error for computer

By Laura | 01/01/2014 12:00
One day, your computer is automatically shut down and then restarted when you are using it, whether it is “broken down”?

Fix error of failing to open programs on computer

By Laura | 12/31/2013 12:00
Your computer is unable to open any program. Whenever, you open programs such as Google Chrome, Photoshop, KMPlayer,etc., Windows always displays “Open with" dialogue box. How to fix this error and bring your computer back to the initial state?

Check and detect dead spots on Desktop

By Laura | 12/26/2013 12:00
A dead spot is an "immutable" spot which may appear on the Desktop screen. It will be very irritated if these dead spots appear on your computer. Do you want to know how many dead spots are there on your computer? And where are they?

Fix blue screen error on the computer

By Laura | 12/26/2013 12:00
For those who often use the computer, it is certain that you have at least encountered blue screen error once. This error may occur on both laptop and PC. There are many causes, but how to solve this problem drastically?

Fix black screen error at Win 8 startup

By Laura | 12/26/2013 12:00
Windows 8 has been introduced with considerable improvements such as a smooth interface, a faster start-up and lower requirements on the computer’s hard drives, etc. It is an appropriate choice for users to replace Windows 7 or Windows XP. However, during the process of usage, many users have encountered a very serious error which is “black screen at Widows startup”.

How to rename batch of files in Windows

By Laura | 12/11/2013 12:00
If you have multiple files or folders with the same topic stored on your computer, it will take you a lot of time for renaming them in turns. will guide you through steps for renaming files and folders simultaneously on Window without consuming much of your time.

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