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How to change battery for BIOS

By Laura | 03/18/2014 12:00
BIOS battery is used to supply power to BIOS when you cut power from your computer. It helps you save changes in the BIOS, such as date, month, ect.

Access the BIOS configuration

By Laura | 03/18/2014 12:00
BIOS is a place to keep parameters of the setting of the hardware. Knowing how to access BIOS configuration, you can customize your computer for better operation.

Signs of faulty hardware

By Laura | 03/17/2014 12:00
After a long time of being used, your hardware may be damaged. Then, some signs need to be identified for user to have the appropriate measure.

View capacity of hard drive

By Laura | 03/17/2014 12:00
Hard drive is an indispensable component of the computer, which is used for storing data, and the most important parameter concerned by lots of users is its capacity.

See manufacturer and model main board

By Laura | 03/17/2014 12:00
Mainboard is an indispensable component of the computer, where the components are attached to the computer. Knowing the manufacturer and motherboard model can help you find lots of information about it.

Increase SATA hard drive’s speed in Win 7

By Laura | 03/17/2014 12:00
Currently, SATA is the most commonly used component. By optimizing it, you can somewhat improve the performance of hard drives.

Select wireless mice for office staffs

By Laura | 03/15/2014 12:00
Wireless mice have been favored by many users, especially office staffs because of their convenience.

How to update ATI Card - update latest ATI Driver Card

By Laura | 03/14/2014 12:00
You want to update ATI driver card to the latest version to optimize the efficiency and fix errors of old version, but have you known how to do that?

Adjust mouse for left handed people

By Laura | 03/11/2014 12:00
Most people use mouse with their right hand. However, some people like using mouse with their left hand as they like using mouse with their left hand or use their left hand more conveniently than their right hand. Therefore, mouse usage will be difficult, how to recover this problem?

Fix “Windows 7 doesn’t recognize CD/DVD drive” error

By Laura | 12/26/2013 12:00
CD/DVD is often an integral part of laptop at present. Sometimes, you want to use CD/DVD, but you find you that your laptop which runs Windows 7 operating system does not receive the disk drive. In this case, how to fix this error?

Fix “CMOS checksum Error” - being unable to log in Windows

By Laura | 12/26/2013 12:00
Recently, you may find that the time being displayed on Windows is often incorrect and you have to adjust it every day. Moreover, whenever you start your computer, “CMOS Checksum error” is usually reported, so what is the error? And how to handle it?

How to remove BIOS password on PC

By Laura | 12/25/2013 22:09
For a certain reason, you have to set a password to protect BIOS on your computer to prevent other people from penetrating into your computer system. However, it will be troublesome if you forget the password and the only way to access the computer is to completely remove BIOS password.

Troubleshoot the problem when a Laptop contacts with water

By Laura | 12/22/2013 22:32
You accidentally spill a cup of water on laptop, if you do not find a solution soon, your laptop can be permanently damaged.

Windows XP 32 bit – receive 4GB RAM by DEP

By Laura | 12/16/2013 12:00
It is still the problems of not getting 4GB of RAM of Windows XP 32 bit but by DEP

Instruction to install Speccy to check computer’s hard drives

By Laura | 12/13/2013 12:00
Speccy is a tool which helps you check the components on the computer’s hard drives such as CPU, main board, RAM memory, etc. The following instruction of will show you how to install Speccy to best use it on the computer.

Speccy – Instruction to view Windows installation date

By Laura | 12/13/2013 12:00
You want to view the date of Window installation on your computer, but you do not know how to do this. Let’s use Speccy hard drive verification software and follow the below article from

Windows XP 32 bit - Troubleshoot the problem that it can not receive 4GB RAM

By Laura | 11/28/2013 12:00
How to upgrade Windows XP 32 bit to receive 4GB RAM easily.

How to install Virtual Drive to create virtual drives

By Laura | 11/26/2013 12:00
Virtual Drive supports reading virtual drives for free with diversified features. This article will guide you the way to install this software

How to install TypingMaster Pro to practice typing

By Laura | 11/26/2013 12:00
TypingMaster Pro provides lots of interesting lessons and games so that you can type with 10 fingers quickly. would like to post the tutorial on how to install TypingMaster Pro most optimally.

How to install Virtual keyboard to create the virtual keyboard for the computer

By Laura | 11/26/2013 12:00
virtual keyboard is the software which allows you to draft texts in different language directly on the computer. To continue a series of articles on "How to install software", would like to guide you the most appropriate way to install Virtual keyboard.

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