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Create Videos from images on Android devices with detailed instructions

By Laura | 05/28/2014 16:30
Creating Video from personal photos has become increasingly common. You can arrange your photos, insert meaningful sayings or music to your video to send to relatives and friends.

Viber 4.2 - Update interface and turn on call and spam message block

By Helen Nguyen | 05/28/2014 16:30
On April 24, OTT application which is most-used on Viber has been released with a new update with the most changes over the past year. With a completely new interface, high security and multiple transfer of videos and photos.

How to delete Picasa Album on Android devices

By Laura | 05/28/2014 13:00
You want to delete photos in your Album on Picasa. You even don’t know why they are on your photo library. In the following article, we will help you know why your photos appear or how to delete them.

Instruction to downgrade WinPhone 8.1 to WinPhone 8.0 for Nokia series

By Laura | 05/27/2014 15:30
In the previous article, we have instructed you how to upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 beta. This version has many outstanding features which are favored by users. In addition, there are still some incomplete features. In this article, we will instruct you how to downgrade Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows Phone 8.0 for Nokia Lumia series.

iOS 7.1.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

By Laura | 05/27/2014 15:00
In the morning of 04.23.2014, Apple launched a surprise update of ios 7.1.1. This update promises to make your iDevice operate more smoothly, increase performance as well as security gaps.

Backing up data on Android devices

By Laura | 05/27/2014 14:00
Data on personal devices are very important for anyone. To prevent cases that your device is broken or stolen, you should back up your data regularly. So how to backup quickly and efficiently? We will provide you with the most effective solution

Collage on iPhone, iPad with detailed instructions

By Laura | 05/26/2014 12:00
Collage on iPhone, iPad allows you to create your own pictures and express your own personality, if you have never tried it, let’s experience it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Restore original settings

By Laura | 05/26/2014 11:30
You are using a Galaxy S5 and keen on hacking it. However, it is unexpected that you have forgot the password or simply want to put it into the original state. In this article, we will help you restore the original state of your mobiles when you set protected password with your finger print.

Top 5 Web browser on iPhone, iPad

By Laura | 05/25/2014 15:40
You are an iOS believer (iPhone, iPad) and regular browse Web on mobile devices. But you do not know how to choose suitable applications for you devices. Top 5 Web browser on iOS will help you do this.

Windows Phone 8.1 - The most striking feature

By Laura | 05/25/2014 15:30
Finally, Windows Phone users have been able to test the latest version 8.1 expected to have a lot of changes and utilities for users. So what is really new in Windows Phone 8.1 update? Is it attractive enough for you to own it?

Samsung Galaxy S5 - How to generate Wifi on S5

By Laura | 05/25/2014 14:00
You often have to move or go on business trips to places without internet or wifi. You want to use the internet on laptop without any option. Meanwhile, you have one piece of Samsung Galaxy S5 which is modern and has various features. In this article, I will show you how to generate wifi from your Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to take screenshot on Samsung mobiles

By Laura | 05/24/2014 13:00
At present, the demand for viewing photos on the Internet has become more and more prevalent and when surfing web with mobiles, you want to set them as wallpaper. There is a very simple and effective method – taking screenshot.

Winphone 8.1 (beta) update for your device

By Laura | 05/23/2014 12:00
You have a smartphone with Windows Phone 8.0 and looking for the latest features of Windows Phone 8.1 such as Actione Center, Virtual Assistant Cortana, etc. Follow the following steps to get Windows Phone 8.1.

Create signature for Email on Android

By Laura | 05/23/2014 12:00
You have been familiar with using signature in your Email on the computer and is using an Android mobile, but you have not known to set signature for Email on your Android mobile. In this article, we will help you perform that manipulation quickly.

Connect Android device to your computer without USB Cable

By Giang Doan | 05/23/2014 12:00
Everyone knows how to connect Android devices such as phones, tablet to computers by Cable, however there is another way to connect these devices to a computer without using cable. will guide you how to do this task.

Top 6 free chat and call applications on Android

By Laura | 05/23/2014 12:00
Today, smart phone has become increasingly close to people. Increasing demand requires us to communicate quickly, efficiently, and especially freely.

Top 5 photo editing apps on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

By Laura | 05/22/2014 21:40
You need photos with beautiful and eye-catching effects to share with friends on social networks, but do not know how. Top 5 photo editing apps on iOS (iPhone, iPad) will help you.

Take screenshots on HTC phones, Sony Xperia, LG, Nexus

By Laura | 05/22/2014 21:32
Each different phone has different screen capturer. This article will introduce to you the best screen capturer of Android devices.

Top 3 Video downloaders on iOS ( iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch )

By Laura | 05/22/2014 19:28
You want to download video from the internet to your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, but do not know which app to use? Top 3 Video downloaders will help you do this.

Facebook Messenger updates free call feature

By Laura | 05/22/2014 12:00
Facebook Messenger is a free and quite familiar application for all Android or IOS users. It helps you send free messages via wifi or 3g with many eye-catching icons. Facebook for android has been complemented with a function of making call with friends.

2 video downloading applications on Android

By Laura | 05/22/2014 12:00
You want to download video from the internet to your Android device, but do not knowwhcih app to use? These 2 applications will help you do this.

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