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Excel – Examples and guidance for VALUE function- a function for converting string to number

By Laura | 09/20/2014 12:00
To convert a string to a number, Excel supports you a function - VALUE function. Normally, you do not need to use Value function since Excel will automatically convert text to numbers, however, in some cases, VALUE function will be combined with other functions to give users desired result.

Word - Customize display of Toolbar in the interface

By Giang Doan | 08/29/2014 15:12
Usually, when you open a Word page, you will see three standard toolbars in Word page, they are Standard Toolbar, Drawing Toolbar and Formatting Toolbar. With the following article, will guide you how to customize the display of the toolbar in Word.

How to access Facebook quickly

By Giang Doan | 08/27/2014 13:20
Sometimes you cannot access facebook because the network provider have blocked Facebook, or for other reasons that you cannot access to facebook.

Word - Recover error text in Word 2013

By Helen Nguyen | 08/26/2014 17:10
You imagine that you are writing a long novel of hundreds of pages. Then one day you open the file to write the rest but you cannot open the document or your document is full of strange characters. In that case, what would you do? Do you have time and patience to retype hundreds of pages from the beginning?

Word - Insert, add notes to tables in Word

By Giang Doan | 08/26/2014 13:15
Suppose you have a data table containing customer orders. A customer postpone the transaction, and you do not want to delete the customer data, but you want to insert notes into tables so that when looking at the data of that customer, you will know they postpone their transaction. In this article, will introduce to you how to create note in Word.

10 simple methods to fix corrupted Word file

By Laura | 08/25/2014 17:15
When you want to open a Word file but it has some errors and thus cannot be displayed. This makes you worry since it might be an important contract or a report, ect.

Excel – AVEDEV function, calculating absolute deviation average

By Giang Doan | 08/01/2014 13:10
In the analysis and data processing, you have to calculate the absolute deviation average of given variables. AVEDEV function will help you solve this problem quickly and accurately. Let’s follow to know how to use formula and function of AVEDEV.

AVERAGEIFS function, calculating average with multiple conditions

By Laura | 07/28/2014 16:00
You have to calculate average score of subjects or numbers with given conditions. The consideration of conditions will be time-consuming without special tools in Excel. Let’s get to know how to use AVERAGEIFS to simplify this task.

Excel – AVERAGEIF function, calculating average with conditions

By Laura | 07/28/2014 13:00
AVERAGEIF is used for calculating average of cells with given conditions. The function for calculating average with conditions is more sufficient and convenient than the normal function for calculating average.

Excel - PRODUCT function for multiplying

By Giang Doan | 07/23/2014 13:00
To multiply numbers, Excel supports you with a very convenient function-PRODUCT. This function helps you multiply numbers quickly and efficiently.

Word - How to create a digital signature in a text file

By Laura | 07/22/2014 14:20
You want those who use your text file to know who is the owner of the file, or your copyright. Let’s use the signature function in Word.

Word - How to insert Chart in Word

By Helen Nguyen | 07/22/2014 13:00
Sometimes you want show statistic, calculation, a summary, ect obtained in the research process, however you do not know how to express it clearly, you should present it by charts and graphs.

How to fix errors in Excel quickly

By Giang Doan | 07/21/2014 17:50
When you want to open an Excel file but it has errors and cannot display, it will make you worry since it might be an important contract or a report, ect.

Excel - LEFT function, for cutting left string

By Laura | 07/19/2014 17:50
LEFT function is a function used to cut a string from the left side. Depending on cases, we can use this function flexibly. If you still do not understand about LEFT function and how to apply it, follow the article below to learn more about this function clearly.

Excel – Usage of PivotTable and PivotChart for data analysis

By Giang Doan | 07/18/2014 13:00
You are looking for a method to create statistical reports for the business situation, population growth, ect or any other public figures to serve your work. The solution for you is a combination of Pivot Table and Pivot Chart in Excel. Using these 2 tools, you can easily analyze data, create reports vividly and attractively.

Excel - How to using the SUM function

By Laura | 07/17/2014 19:00
SUM function in Excel is often used to calculate the sum of numbers on a spreadsheet. Using Sum function will help you save a lot of time and effort compared with conventional manual calculations.

Word – Fix font error in Word 2007

By Laura | 07/12/2014 16:30
Word documents downloaded from the Internet or sent to you by other people often occur font error which irritates you. Thus, what is the solution for you in this case?

Excel - Insert washout text and logo in Excel 2013

By Giang Doan | 07/09/2014 13:00
Watermark helps you mark your products by words and logo. Text, logo or image inserted into your spreadsheet will lie blurry under the text.

Excel - common errors and their solutions

By Giang Doan | 06/19/2014 19:45
While using Excel, it is impossible to avoid mistakes when dealing with functions and formula. Therefore, knowing the causes of these mistakes is necessary for you to come up with the most effective solutions.

Word – Fixing word sticking error in Word 2007

By Laura | 06/18/2014 12:00
In reality, there are many cases in which words are stuck together when they are not compatible with the Office version. It will be very hard if we handle this error manually.

PowerPoint - Record Slideshow

By Laura | 04/29/2014 12:00
You often use PowerPoint to create Slideshow for your presentation and lectures, ect. Especially, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 supports more features to record your presentation as Slideshow in various formats.

Word - Move rows in Word 2013

By Laura | 04/29/2014 12:00
While working with data tables on Word, the table sometimes might be messy, therefore, you need to move rows. Microsoft provides a shortcuts to help you do this quickly.

Excel – How to create charts, graphs in Excel

By Laura | 04/26/2014 12:00
Graphs are visual performances of the inanimate figures into vivid pictures. In Excel there are many different types of graphs serve different purposes, but not everyone knows.

Excel – LARGE function, returning largest value number k

By Laura | 04/25/2014 12:00
LARGE function points out the largest value number k in a given data arrange, helping you to find your expected value from the rank of that value in the data array.

Excel – MAXA function, returning largest value

By Laura | 04/25/2014 10:00
MAXA function returns the largest value, including logic value and numerical value in document. You can use this function to find out the largest value, highest score in class, etc.

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