Change color of folders in Windows with Rainbow Folders

By Laura

Similar to its name - Rainbow, Rainbow Folders can change your folders into various colors like a rainbow. Have you known how to change colors for folders in the computer with this application?

For many users, their computers may have tens or hundreds of folders; therefore, the search for a needed folder may be quite difficult. By marking folders with colors, you can recognize them more easily.


Step 1: Firstly, you download Rainbow Folders software. If you have not had the software,youcan downloadthe latest versionofRainbowFoldersFreeLight:RainbowFolders


After downloading and installing, right click any folder and select Rainbow Folder.

Step 2: Rainbow Folder window appears as follows:

- Folder: Select a folder to change color, click Multiple Select if you want to select multiple folders.

- Style: Allow you to select one of three styles: Classical, Typical and Modern.
- Color: Select color for folder.

Finally, you only need to click Colorize to change color for the folder, Decolorize to recover to the initial color.

Thus, with above manipulations, you have been able to change color for folders on the computer with Rainbow Folders software. In addition, if have not satisfied with the software, you can refer to and use other utilities for changing colors for folders available on


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change folder color


change folder color with Rainbow Folders


change color of folder icons with Rainbow Folders

, change a folder`s background color with Rainbow Folders

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