Check and detect dead spots on Desktop

By Laura

A dead spot is an "immutable" spot which may appear on the Desktop screen. It will be very irritated if these dead spots appear on your computer. Do you want to know how many dead spots are there on your computer? And where are they?

Most people use the desktop or laptop want to see whether their PC screen has any “dead spot” or not? Because a “dead spot” is a spot on the screen which is only capable of displaying one color on the screen (e.g.: black) or is unable to display any color.

Now, will show you how to find dead spots on the screen with Dead Pixel Locator - a very lightweight software.  
How to check dead spots on screen
Step 1: Download Dead Pixel Locator here.

After downloading, extract and open the software, you will see software’s interface as follows:

On the screen, you will see cells with names of colors such as White, Black, Yellow, etc.
Step 2: Click each color in turn, the color will cover the whole screen. You only need to check screen errors, observe whether the screen has any strange pixel which has different color with the screen’s color or not?
This image is the screen of after clicking “Yellow” button.

As you can see that the screen of does not have any strange pixel. In contrast, if there is a dead spot, it will be displayed as a black spot on the screen. Thereby, you will have timely solutions to best solve the problem for your computer.
Hope that your screen has no dead spot.


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