Check Heartbleed error for website with Chrome web browser

By Laura

Heartbleed error has occurred recently and raised concern for users; and an advice for you is not to log in accounts on websites containing this error, especially when making online transactions through bank account, etc. In the following article, will instruct you how to check website with Heartbleed error by Google Chrome.

Heartbleed is a serious error in data security of users. Your personal information such as account, password, credit card, etc. on websites with Heartbleed error may be fallen to the hand of hackers. Therefore, you should not access websites with this error which has not been fixed by the suppliers. However, how to know which website is free of Heartbleed error?

Instructions to check website with Heartbleed error with Chrome web browser

To check Website with Heartbleed error on Google Chrome, you need to download and install Chromebleed utility on the web browser. You can download Chromebleed here.

Step 1: Install Chromebleed on Google Chrome browser by clicking Free.

Step 2: A new dialogue box will appear, click Add to add Chromebleed into the web browser.

Step 3: After adding Chromebleed into Google Chrome, restarting the browser, we will see the icon of the utility on the top right angle of the below image.

Step 4: To use Chromebleed for checking any website with/ without Heartbleed error, access the address of website on Chrome. Immediately, there will be notification about the safety of the web.

- E.g. accesses the website “”; immediately, there will be notification as in the below image. It means that the web is safe and is not affected by Heartbleed error.

Therefore, with the above detailed instructions, you can easily check any website to see whether it contains Heartbleed error or not with Chromebleed utility on Google Chrome browser. With this method, you will know which website is safe and no longer concern about the leakage of your personal information.

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check websites with Heartbleed error on chrome


check website affected by Heartbleed


check web with Heartbleed error by Chrome


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