Collage multiple photos into one, best photo collaging softwares

By Giang Doan

You have many photos to share with your friends and relatives, instead of uploading each photos, you can select the method of collaging multiple photos into one photo to make the sharing faster. Here, would like to introduce to you some professional softwares which can collage multiple photos into one photo.


1. Photoscape: Pros: Free, adjust and edit photos professionally, be able to collage multiple photos into one photo with several manipulations.

2. Photomatix Pro: Collage from two more photos into only one photo with ease. Especially, Photomatix Pro can mix photos with incredible effects. The software can mix all details of multiple digital photos together.

3. PhotoShine: Create eye-catching frames and enable you to collage multiple photos into one photos with awesome effects. However, if you want to use PhotoShine for a long period, you will have to pay after 30 times of trial.

4. PhotoScenery: Create nice images from available photos. Edit and collage photos uniquely and insert photos into frames. Download PhotoScenery to your computer.

5. Easy Mosaic Pro: Collage multiple photos into one single photo with small size, handy usage and convenience. However, with Easy Mosaic Pro, users need to pay an amount after trial period.

Instruction to collage multiple photos into one photo with PhotoScape

Step 1: Download and install the software to the computer.

- You can download the latest version of Photoscape.

- Installation: Quite simple, you only need to follow instructed steps.

Step 2: After installing Photoscape to the computer, start Photoscape and turn to Page tab, here, you can select the frame rate of image after being collaged on the right of the frame.

Step 3: Here, click on the frame to select the photos needing to be collaged. Select photos in turn to add into the frame.

Step 4: After selecting favorite photos, you can adjust Size , Margin, Round, Background for the images. Then click Save to save them.

Step 5: Here, input name of the file, select image format and click Save.

Step 6: Here is the result that you have done.

In the above article, we have introduced to you some professional softwares for editing and collaging photos and instructed you to collage multiple photos into the only one photos with Photoscape software. Hope that this article will bring you with exciting experiences on your photos.

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collage multiple photos into one photo


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