Compare Foxit Reader with Adobe Reader

By Helen Nguyen

It can be seen that Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader are two most widely used programs for reading ebook as pdf format.

Technology development leads to the appearance of electronic books. Most of ebook are available in PDF format, therefore, to read these books, specialized reading software is needed. Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader are two free tools supporting for reading other gadgets using ebook.

Compare Foxit Reader with Adobe Reader

To better understand the similarities and differences as well as pros and cons of two programs, let's make a comparison between Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader.

1. Copyright

Both Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader is free and attractive programs.

2. Interface

Foxit Reader

Adobe Reader

As you know, Adobe Reader was born sooner than Foxit Reader, however, in terms of interface, Foxit Reader’s interface is not better than Adobe Reader’s in terms of font, interface and image since Adobe Reader has shown itself as a leader.

3. Compatibility With Operating System

Both Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader are compatible with Windows and Mac.

4. ​​ File Loading Speed

In this term, Foxit Reader is a leader, it can be said that its file loading speed is powerful than Adobe Reader, but later versions of Adobe Reader also has improved this issue pretty much.

5. Capacity

If you often use both programs, it is too easy to compare, in general, Foxit Reader is always smaller than Adobe Reader.

6. Features

If Foxit Reader is designed primarily with the basic feature as reading PDF, Adobe PDF Reader supports full of feature, not only for reading PDF.  

With the characteristics of Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader, you can choose the most appropriate software for yourself. Those who mainly read PDF files should use Foxit Reader, and those you who wants to install a program of more features on a computer with high configuration, Adobe Reader will be the best choice.

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