Compare VLC and KMP, which soft should user use to play music and movies?

By Laura

VLC (stands for VLC Media Player) and KMP (stand for Kang Multimedia Player) are free popular multimedia programs currently. Users can play music, watch video clips with multiple formats; watch TV channels in difenrent languages. Also VLC and KMP support for recording voice and video.

Betdownload.will make a comparison between VLC Media Player and KMPlayer, to help you make a choice to listen to music and watch movies.

Compare VLC and KMP

In terms of release time: VLC is older than KMP 2 years

- VLC was released on 02/01/2001 then renamed VLC media player and the first version of VLC 1.0.0 was on 07/07/2009

- KMP first version was on 12/01/2002

In terms of the capabilities: KMP is more flexible than VLC

- VLC is compatible with multiple operating systems, multiple playable formats (except. Iso), it supports for burning, watching television with internet subscriptions p=of FPT and it has no ability to sync data with your computer and mobile devices

- KMP is compatible with multiple operating systems. It can play a variety of formats (except. Iso), It supports for burning, watching TV of all networks and it is capable of data synchronization with PCs and mobile devices

In terms of working speed: VLC has a smaller capacity than KMP, when running on the operating system VLC consumes less RAM and CPU resources than KMP.

In terms of copyright: VLC and KMP are freeware.

In terms of Interface: VLC has less attractive interface than KMP

- VLC has a simple GUI interface and it requires skins to change the interface

- KMP has beautiful and professional 3D interface, and easy to change interface

In terms of Popularity: With a beautiful interface and the ability to synchronize data, the ability to customize and highly interact with user, the ability to watch 3D movie with high  quality, regardless such annoyances as lagging, buffering when viewing high quality video (VLC does not have this status), KMP has overcome VLC and is considered as the most popular multimedia player.


Above are all our evaluation of two multimedia programs VLC and KMP.

- If you prefer a beautiful, professional program and you have a device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart phone) with high configuration and love technology, you should use KMP.

- If you are not a professional user, have a normal configuration and want to see high quality video and not interested in the interface, you should use VLC

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Compare vlc and KMP


using VLC or KMP


use VLC or KMP

, use VLC or KMP

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