Connect Android device to your computer without USB Cable

By Giang Doan

Everyone knows how to connect Android devices such as phones, tablet to computers by Cable, however there is another way to connect these devices to a computer without using cable. will guide you how to do this task.

You know how to connect Android device by Cable, however, when the cable is broken, or you want to connect devices more professionally, follow these steps to do that


- Read, view, edit files on Android devices

- Data copying speeds is faster than USB cable

- Stable connection, connect Android devices together and to the computer

- More professional than the usual way


- Computers and equipment need to connect with the same network (same LAN)

Needed tools:

- Android phone or tablet running Android OS

- WebSharing Lite Application (File Manager) on Android

- Computer (laptop or PC)

Note: connect Android devices to computers and only when they are on the same network

Step 1: Download and install WebSharing Lite (File Manager) for Android

You can download WebSharing Lite ( File Manager ) for Android here

Launch WebSharing Lite ( File Manager ) interface

Here you will be provided a URL address. In this case, it is and the password is v4j8p

Step 2: Turn any web browser on. Enter the URL and password given by WebSharing Lite ( File Manager).

The following interface is shown:

There are 2 main controller tabs

1. Files: Use your browser to upload or download files, data in your device. It includes features such as managing files, creating directories, renaming, and deleting data. And it is important to allow you to quickly upload multiple files to phone at the same time with high speed. Right click on the folder to display the options

For example, you want to export pictures in your device to your computer. Go to the images folder. Choose the right image and search for download section to download the image via the browser.

You can also copy data from your computer to Android devices by simply dragging and dropping

2. Status: Displays the status information of the device including battery percent, memory, CPU usage indicators and Wifi signal strength.

Thus we have finished introducing to you WebSharing Lite ( File Manager ) for Android. Only with simple operation, you can transfer data from Android device to your computer quickly. Only with WebSharing Lite version ( File Manager ) on Android, you can enjoy all the features above.

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Connect android devices with computer without connecting cable


Connect android mobiles with computer via wifi


Download WebSharing Lite

, Connect android devices via wifi

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