Connectify - How to use Connectify, a Wifi hotspot on laptop

By Laura

As you know, Connectify is the software which helps turn your laptop into a tool for launching Wifi. However, not all people know how to use this utility. will guide you the way to launch Wifi on laptop with Connectify.


Step 1: After installingConnectify on your computer, open the utility by clicking on the icon on the Desktop.


Step 2: On the interface of Connectify, choose the Setting tab.

Set up following parameters:

* Name and set password for Wifi connection.

Hotspot Name: Enter the name of your Wifi signal to distinguish your signal and other signals. Note: name as "Connectify- name of the device".
Password: Enter password to limit unwanted clients.

Internet to Share: The producer allows you to select input devices as you want to launch Wifi.

Atheros AR8152...: If your laptop is using the wired network, you can use this mode.
Wifi: Laptop uses Wifi.

* At the Advanced Settings frame: In this section, it is best that you should use the default settings or you can change as the following guidances.

Share Over: Share the signal according to Wifi network or the wired network.

Sharing Mode: Select the security mode for your Wifi signal.

Wifi Access Point, Encryted (WPA2): The advanced security mode.
Wifi Ad-Hoc, Open: The ordinary security mode.
Wifi Ad-Hoc, Encryted (WEP): The low security mode.

Step 3: After setting up all parameters, click Start Hotspot to start sending the signal.

When you want to turn off the Wifi signal from your laptop, click Stop Hotspot to close the program.

By launching Wifi on laptop with Connectify, you will send wifi without needing dedicated devices like modems. Thanks to this convenience, Connectify is used by lots of users.

Wish you success!


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