Convert Excel to PDF, the best Excel to PDF converter

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PDF files often have highly security to protect its content, it only allows user to read the content without changing or copying the content on the file.

Lots of users use PDF due to its high security. To create PDF file,s you can use specialized software to create or convert files into PDF documents. will introduce to you some software that can convert Excel to PDF.

Convert Excel to PDF, the best Excel to PDF converter

1. DoPDF: Pros: Free, convert text files (Word, Excel, ect) to PDF by creating a virtual printer.

2. CutePDF Writer: Pros: Free, convert text to PDF in one click with high conversion speed. Download CutePDF Writer

3. Total Excel Converter: Convert Excel to PDF quickly and efficiently. However, you have to pay fee to use Total Excel Converter after 30 times using it for free.

4. Microsoft Save As PDF: Convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF with equivalent quality to the original file. However, Microsoft Save as PDF only supports for Microsoft Office 2007

5. Free Convert Word Excel PowerPoint To PDF: Convert Office File to PDF File, precisely, quickly and conveniently. Especially, Free Convert Word Excel PowerPoint to PDF is capable of converting multiple files simultaneously at high speed.

Instruction for converting Excel to PDF by DOPDF software

Step 1: Download and install the software (when installed it, the software will act as a virtual printer on your computer).

- You can download the latest version of doPDF here.

- Installation: it is quite simple, just follow the instructions.

Step 2: Open the Excel file to convert.

From the Main Menu, select Print, or press Ctrl + P

Step 3: In Print, select doPDF V7 in Name

Then click ”Ok ", you can also preview the page by clicking ”Preview "

Step 4: Click ”Browse" to save the PDF file, and click ”OK” to convert.

After finishing, you can view the result.

With the simple manipulations above, you can easily convert Excel file to PDF file by a specialized software. We have introduced to you the best programs to convert text files such as Excel, Word, ect to PDF. Hopefully, you can find the best program for your own needs.


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