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Nowadays, PDF file format has become familiar to computer users thanks to its high security and ability to prevent users from directly edit contents on files. Therefore, whenever users need to copy the content, they will encounter many difficulties. Here, would like to introduce to you some tools for converting PDF files into Word files.


1. Free PDF To Word Doc Converter (FPDC): Pros: Free, convert PDF to Word with a high speed and retained quality.

2. PDF To Word Converter: Convert PDF to Word robustly and retain the format and content of the original PDF file.

3. 1-2-3PDFConverter: Convert PDF to Word format quickly and accurately, helping you easily adjust text in the document.

4. Able2Extract: Convert batches of PDF files to Word, helping you easily edit or copy data. However, if you want to use Able2Extract for a long period, you will have to pay after a 30-day trial.

5. Quick PDF To Word: Convert PDF to other text formats like Word, Excel or image format with a high speed and accuracy. Especially, Quick PDF To Word can convert multiple files at once to save time.

Guide to convert pdf files into word with Free PDF To Word Doc Converter

Step 1: Download and install the software to your computer.

- You can download the latest version of Free PDF to Word Doc Converter .

- Installation: Quite simple, you only need to follow instructed steps.

Step 2: Start Free PDF to Word Doc Converter and click Browse to open PDF file needing to be converted.

Step 3: After being able to open the PDF file needing to be converted, click Browse to select the location for saving files after being converted, click Convert to Word Document for the program to start the conversion process.

Step 4: After the program finishes converting, a notification will be display, click OK to complete.

Finally, check the file that you have converted.

In the scope of this article, we have introduced to you some softwares for converting PDF files and instructed you how to convert PDF files into Word files with Free PDF to Word Doc Converter software in a quick and accurate manner. This is considered as the best PDF to Word converter according to You can experience other softwares by yourself.

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