Convert text to uppercase by Unikey

By Laura

Unikey is a compact, easy to use and completely free Vietnamese typing program preferred by the majority of PC users. Especially, Unikey offers lots of useful features you may not know. would like to introduce to you a little trick that many people do not know, that is converting text from lowercase to uppercase by Unikey. To do this, follow these steps.

Convert text to uppercase by Unikey

Tip: For Word text, to convert from lowercase to uppercase, select the text you want to convert, then press Shift + F3.

- In case you use Unicode font (Times New Roman, ect) when converting from lowercase to uppercase, errors often appears. You should change the text to VNI font before converting to uppercase.  

Step 1: Open the text that you want to convert from lowercase to uppercase, and then blacken the text by Ctrl + A and right click, then select Copy or press Ctrl + C (image below)

Step 2: Open Unikey, right-click on the program's icon on the toolbar and click "Tools... [ CS + F6 ]”or press Ctrl + Shift + F6.

Step 3: When Unikey Toolkit appears , select”Change to uppercase” and click ”Transcoding "

Note: You have to set the source code as TCVN3 (ABC) and the target code as Unicode, otherwise, click”Reverse the code” before click ”Transcode ".

Step 4: Wait unti the program pops the message ”Successfully converted RTF clipboard” as shown below, then click ”OK” to close the box.

Step 5: open a new Word file by selecting New from the toolbar (image below)

Step 6: click and select Paste or press Ctrl + V to paste that text and the results will be as shown below

So you have moved the text from lowercase to uppercase successfully.

We have shown you how to convert text from lowercase to uppercase successfully by Unikey. Furthermore, Unikey also offers various useful features such as transferring documents from signed to unsigned, typing Vietnamese, ect and other features.


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convert text to uppercase with unikey


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