Convert Video to FLV by Format Factory

By Laura

You want to watch a cool movie but its format is FLV. It is no longer a difficult question with Format Factory

It can be said that Format Factory is a powerful program, in the previous article, I showed you the ability to merge videos of Format Factory, in this article, I will show you how to convert FLV by this software

Convert Video to FLV by Format Factory

Currently, high-definition films are the choice of all people. A qualified film will make viewers feel interesting. And more specifically, most of software used for these high-definition films usually have the extension FLV. Thus, how to convert an old movie to FLV?

Here I will guide you how to do it easily

Step 1: install and launch Format Factory

If you do not have the software, you can download Format Factory here

Step 2: After you install and launch the software, the program’s interface will appear

Go to Video, choose FLV

Step 3: After selecting FLV, the program’s interface will appear like this

Output Settings: Here you can select the quality and size of the output video

AddFile: insert any file to convert

AddFolder: same as AddFile

Step 4: After you select AddFile, Click OK

Click to start to finish the work, the software will automatically run

In a moment you have a FLV Video by using Format Factory

It is not difficult, isn’t it? It can be said that Format Factory is multiple in one". You can also learn more about other video converters, such as 3GP convert and other free software

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