Convert Video to MKV by Format Factory

By Helen Nguyen

Format Factory enables you to convert different types of formats such as MP4, MP4, WMV, MKV, ect so you can easily copy to mobile devices and entertainment devices.

To help you use Format Factory, I would like to introduce the following methods to convert video format to MKV format. Follow the below guidelines.

If you do not have Format Factory, you can download for free here.

Convert Video to MKV by Format Factory

Step 1: After installing on your computer, launch Format Factory program, click Video and Click MKV (Figure below)

Step 2: Click "Add File" to open the video file to convert, you can choose the quality after converting MKV file by clicking "Output Settings" or change the containing folder in "Change" (Figure below)

Step 3: Once you opened a video file, Click "OK" to go to the next step (Figure below)

Step 4: Here you click on the button "Click to Start" at the bottom and the program starts converting video. (Figure below)

Step 5: the process  speed depends on the size of the video file, when the message "Complete" appears, the program has completed the work, you just need to save it into the folder and check the results (Figure below)

So I just guided you how to convert video files to MKV format with Format Factory, you can also refer to some features of Format Factory at

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