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By Helen Nguyen

Nowadays, with the birth of a series of smartphones, movie or video watching has become more and more common. However, with the old-generation cell phones, the video watching will be more difficult owing to format and frame rate of videos. Format Factory will be a solution for you in this case. The software enables you to convert videos into AVI format and other formats in a fast manner.

Nowadays, with the appearance of many video converters, users will have multiple choices. However, not every software can match your usage demand. Format Factory is an incredible tool which is trusted by many users thanks to its features. In the following article, will instruct you how to convert videos into AVI format.

Instructions to convert videos into AVI format with Format Factory

To use the software, firstly, you need to download and install Format Factory to your computer. You can download the latest version of Format Factory here.

Step 1: Open Menu of the program, select Video -->AVI. Afterward, a window will be displayed as in the below image.

Step 2: Click Add File and browse to the file needing to convert format. After finishing the selection, you can select options for videos in Output Setting. Here, there will be available configurations for you to select.

- Click Output Setting, Video Setting window will appear and allow you to select output parameters for videos: Quality and size of video. Click OK to complete setting.

Step 3: After completing the selection, click Start to begin converting videos into AVI format and wait until the programs completes the conversion process.

Above is the method for converting videos into AVI format with Format Factory software, you can do the same to convert video extensions with other built-in formats of the program. In addition, the program can convert video into audio format, copy DVD disk into video, join video, audio and perform many other functions.

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rip video to avi


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, change the video format to avi

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