How to copy data file by TeraCopy

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While using the computer, copying and moving data might be familiar to you. However, the time to copyand move large data is quite long. TeraCopy is a powerful tool for you in this case to copy data at high speed and high efficiency.

TeraCopy is used to speed up the process of copying and moving data to a computer or USB storage device, ect. However, not everyone knows how to use the software properly. will guide you how to copy files by TeraCopy.

Copy data file by TeraCopy

Step 1: Download and install the software:

- You can download the latest version of TeraCopy here.

- Installation: it is pretty simple, just follow the instructions.

Reference:How to install TeraCopy to copy data at high speed

Step 2: Use TeraCopy to copy data

Method 1: After the installation is complete, TeraCopy is integrated into the right click menu.

To copy data files: select the files and folders that you want to copy. Then right-click and select TeraCopy.

- The window of TeraCopy appears and includes these options:

+ Copy: Copy data

+ Transfer the data file to TeraCopy

+ Check the data file

+ Delete Data

- Choose Copy to copy data: Then, the Copy icon on the interface changes to Move icon, click Browse to select a folder to copy data to.

- The process of copying data is being conducted

Method 2: Run TeraCopy. Then drag and drop the files that you want to copy into the program interface.

- Click Copy to: Copy to or Move to: move to. Then, choose a folder to copy data to.

- Click Start Now to start the process.

Copy data on computer is pretty simple and familiar to all users. However, it is not simple at all if you copy large data. With the help of dedicated data copying software, you can easily solve this problem. has guided you how to copy your data files by TeraCopy. Furthermore, you can take a look at other software to accelerate the copying speed.


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