Create an impressive new year calendar by Picture Collage Maker

By Giang Doan

To manually make an impressive calendar is too difficult for lots of people. Today, we would like to introduce to you a method to create your own wall calendar by Picture Collage Maker.

It is really meaningful to manually create your own new year calendar to welcome your friends and relatives. Advanced graphics software will discourage you and thus is not an appropriate choice for you.

To do that instead of a salon, you can single handedly create an impressive wall calendar with Picture Collage Maker software.

Create an impressive new year calendar by Picture Collage Maker

Step 1: Download Picture Collage Maker, Install the software

Step 2: Open the program to start creating an impressive calendar

All: You can select the template to create a photo card, or combine multiple images together, here I selected Calender.

Dowload More Templates: If you want to create a calendar but cannot find the appropriate templates, you can download the latest templates to use

In addition, on the bottom left, there are lots of items for you to choose and edit such as Background, Photo, Mask, Frame, Clipart, Shape.

There are various types of calendars for you to choose such as 12/1 sheet, 3 months/ 1 sheet, ect

In month, then you can adjust each year by selecting the day of the month

Step 3: Resize the picture to save it easily.  Normally, the default size is 800 * 600. You can change this by selecting Collage and choose Collage Panel Settings

The dialog box appears

Step 4: choose the appropriate size and click OK

Step 5: Next, save your result by selecting  File, choose Save Collage as Picture. Then click OK

And you can get the result of your own. Without the need of advanced graphics software, you can still create a "Made by me" image in your own style. Wish you success.

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