Create Email signature on iPhone, iPad

By Laura

To create an email signature on your iPhone, iPad like email is sent on a computer, it's simple. So let’s see how to do.

Email Signature can express your style as well as display the message you need to send, or help the recipient may also know their information such as company name or telephone number.... Following, I would like to introduce to you how to create email signatures on iPhone, iPad.

Creat Email signature on iPhone, iPad.

Step 1: On the screen, please choose Settings/ Mail/ Contacts/ Calendars. (Below image)

Step 2: Then move to the bottom to find Signature and choose Per Account.

Next, type text that you want to show as your signature to replace "Sent from my iPhone" (Below image)

Step 3: Close all the windows, so that you create a mail signature your iPhone or iPad.

Each email sent after that will have the signatures shown below each letter....


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Create Email signature on iPhone


Create Email signature on iPad


Create Email signature on iOS


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