Create Videos from images on Android devices with detailed instructions

By Laura

Creating Video from personal photos has become increasingly common. You can arrange your photos, insert meaningful sayings or music to your video to send to relatives and friends.

Currently there is lots of specialized software, you no longer see any obstacles to creating your own video. Please choose the most suitable tools that we introduce below

The best video makers on Android

1. Animoto Video Maker for Android: This app lets you browse photos directly on Android library to create the best quality video, share to your friends or the social network quickly

2. Flipagram for Android: Pros easy to use, you can choose a photo from the camera roll, albums, Facebook or Instagram.

3. Slide Show Creator for Android: Pros select Music from online Aximedia collection or from your device. Choose transition effects between slides.

4. Slideshow Maker for Android: Slideshow Maker for Android helps you create slideshow easily. To make pictures in the video more vivid, you can insert audio file in slideshow.

5. Photo Slideshow Maker for Android allows users to add favorite songs as background music for video, image display speed is suitable with the song. It also adds transition effects between images in order to make the presentation livelier.

How to create image from video on Android devices with Animoto Video Maker for Android

Step 1: Download and install the software

Step 2: Run the software

The main interface

Step 3: To take images, music, or writing style for the video, click the pencil icon as shown in Fig. There will be 4 options for you

1. The Change Style:

This option helps you select the interface for your video. Animoto Video Maker for Android is built with extremely rich interface library for you to choose from. Click “Done” to continue

2. Change Song:

This option enables you to dub the song in your video. At any sector, there are international songs for you to choose. Unfortunately, you cannot select existing music for your device. Hopefully the developer will update this feature in the near future. Select the music and click “Done” to continue

3. Add Photo & Video:

Here the folder will appear on your device. After you select a photo to make your video, click “Done” to continue

4. Add Text:

To make the video more vivid you can add captions to videos using Add Text. You can set Add Text to any locations in your video. After that, click Done

Step 4: After completing the above steps the program will have the following interface

Here you can choose one photo as the title picture or rotate images as desired

Tip: You can rearrange the order of your photos and rearrange Add Text easily by clicking on the picture you for a few seconds and move to the desired location

Step 5: the preparation has completed, click the triangle icon as shown below to create videos

Wait a few minutes to complete the process. You can name your video

After the video is complete you will see it appears in Mobile Videos. Here you can watch the video, share on social networks, delete created video. If you want to download, you must use the premium version of the manufacturer

Tip: you can share your video on Facebook and download it by the 3rd software

I have explained to you 5 best programs to create video for android devices. However, you should choose the most suitable software for you to create the best video.

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