Cut Bad sectors on hard drive by PartitionMagic

By Laura

Bad- Sector is a very serious error for a hard drive, it can cause loss of important data. The heavier it is, the bigger damage it will cause.

When your hard drive detects Bad- Sector, if it is not heavy, you can use specialized software to remove Bad- Sector. If it is more severe, you should backup your data to another drive, because your hard drive may corrupt at any time.

Cut Bad sectors on hard drive by PartitionMagic

Step 1: Insert Hiren BootCD in CD / DVD Rom, in BISO, to set the computer to boot from CD / DVD Rom.

Once that, move the light part to Start BootCD then press Enter to continue.

Step 2 : Scroll to Partition Tools... then press Enter.

Step 3 : Move to Partition Magic Pro 8:05 and press Enter.

Then the program will list parameters of your hard drive.

( In this example, the hard drive has 1 8Gb partition)

Step 4 : If your computer has multiple drives, select the hard drive with Bad- Sector and memorize the parameters of the partition to mark that Bad- Sector.

After determining the Bad- Sector area, click the red X to delete the partition.

Step 5 : When the notification appears, enter OK from the keyboard into the box and click OK to confirm.

Step 6 : After deleting bad sector,  you need to create a new partition by :

Click on the letter C to create a new partition.

Step 7 : Set the parameters as the image below, then click OK.

Step 8 : Then click Apply to repartition. Exit the program, restart your computer.

Note: If the Bad- Sector appears in the partition with operating system, you must re-install and re-zone Bad- Sector to avoid data loss. You should back up the data before zoning Bad- Sector.

Wish you success!


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