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CyberLink YouCam is the utility

CyberLink Youcam functions as a Webcam. It helps you save every moment, record video or take photos directly on laptop. Besides, you can use this utility to create Video tutorials, presentation videos by using this function. This is the best utility for laptop produced by different firms.


Step 1: After installingCyberLink Youcam on your computer, open the utility by clicking on the icon on the Desktop.
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Step 2: On the Presntations tab, click Desktop Capture to start recording videos.
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Step 3: After selecting Desktop Capture, a window appears with 3 main modes including Full Creen, Mouse Movement, Fixed area so that you can choose the most appropriate mode to record videos.
On the left of theCyberLink Youcam window there is a screen so that you preview and locate the place you are recording.

Full screen: Record Video in the fullscreen mode.
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Mouse Movement : Move the mouse. In this mode,  you can select the size of the area surrounding the cursor. There are 3 available sizes which are 160x120, 320x240, 640x480.
Note that if you want your clip to be watched best on SmartPhone, you should choose the 320x240 size to fit the screen.
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Fixed area: Move the mouse to a certain place on the screen to record a video on that location.
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Step 4: After choosing the appropriate mode and location to record videos, click Capture to start recording Video or click Restore to return to the main screen of the utility.
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On this article, wants to guide you how to use the video function on laptop. Using this feature will help you more convenient at work and serve for different purposes.

Wish you success!

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Video the laptop screen


video by CyberLink


record videos by CyberLink Youcam

, how to Video the screen record videos with CyberLink guide to video by CyberLink Youcam

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