Defragment the hard drive by UltraDefrag

By Laura

When users move data from a partition to another partition or hard drive, or they often install and remove software, it is easy for hard drive to get defragmented (ie the data are scattered all over the drive).

After a while using hard drive, it can be difficult to read and write data from hard drive, or even make the computer crash. The reason can be defragment in hard drive. would like to introduce a program that can limit this problem: UltraDefrag.

Defragment the hard drive by UltraDefrag

If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of UltraDefrag here

(Note: UltraDefrag supports Vietnamese, so during the installation, you should choose Vietnamese as the default language for ease of use).

Step 1: Click on each partition in your hard drive for the program to process (such as C, D ect). Then Click Actions/ Analysis (Or click on the icon of glass on the toolbar) for the program to defragment your hard drive.

Step 2: After the program finishes, it will display a message on the status of the hard disk.

click Actions. The program provides users with lots of different modes:

- Defragmentation: the normal defragmentation mode.

- Fast Optimization: fast defragmentation mode, the time is fast but it does achieve high results.

- Full optimization: the most effective but time consuming mode.

Thus, users can select options to defragment their hard drive

To check the results of the program, use Analysis.

The above article has instructed you how to defragment your hard drive by UltraDefrag, You can also take a look at MyDefrag and other software in the ”related Soft” above.

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defragment your hard drive by UltraDefrag


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