Delete the most visited website on Chrome’s home page

By Laura

You regularly use Google Chrome that has the feature to save history of New Tab sites, it is very simple for you to remove them.

Google Chrome can save the history of websites that you browse multiple times in New Tab. However, sometimes it makes users feel uncomfortable due to the long page loading speed, or because it saves the websites that you do not want to use anymore. Therefore, you want to remove them.

Delete the most visited website on Chrome’s home page

It is really simple for those who have been familiar with this manipulation, however, those who do not notice much about this manipulation may not know how to do. Therefore, I would like to guide you how to remove webpages in Chrome’s homepage simply and effectively.

Step 1: This is the interface when you open New Tab, Chrome saves websites that you often visit.

Note: Frequently visited web pages have the Timeline icon below.

Step 2: To remove or disable these sites, follow the steps below:

Move the mouse over the icon of the small window of a website, a sentence will display "Do not display this page", then click "x" to disable the web’s interface (Figure below)

It is not too difficult, however hopefully it helps you while using Chrome.

I have showed you how to remove webpage you were browsing on Chrome browser. I wish you success and discover useful articles on

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