Delete YoutubeBookmark on Firefox, Chrome, IE

By Laura

YoutubeBookmark is an add-on which appears on Firefox, Chrome and IE. It allows you to bookmark your favorite videos on YouTube to watch for the next time, but it may cause a lot of troubles for users. So, have you known how to turn it off?

In theory, to remove YoutubeBookmark on Firefox, Chrome and IE, you only need to reset these browsers. Here are steps to do that.

1. For IE

Firstly, press Win+ R key combination, then type inetcpl.cpl and Enter.
A new window appears, select Advance tag in Reset Internet Explorer settings section, and click Reset.
Next, click Delete personal settings, and then click Reset and restart IE.
2. For Chrome

Firstly, turn on Chrome, click the toolbar on the right angle, select Tools, and then select Extensions.
When the extension window appears, you will see as follows:
On the image, you can see YoutubeBookmark utility, you only need to click recycle bin icon and then click OK.
3. For Firefox

Firstly, open Firefox, click Help and then select Troubleshooting Information.
A new window appears, you only need to click Reset Firefox.
With just several simple manipulations, you have been able to easily remove YoutubeBookmark on Firefox, Chrome, IE web browsers. In addition, you can refer to and use tips to Turn off POP-UP ads on Internet, etc. to surf the web effectively on Internet web browsers.

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delete YoutubeBookmark in IE


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