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Setting a protected password in Deep Freeze Standard helps you protect the settings that you have created to prevent other people from changing them on the computer. Let’s observe the following article from to set a protected password for settings in Deep Freeze Standard.

You has set up the computer freezing mode for your computer with Deep Freeze Standard software, but you don’t know why the freezing feature has been replaced by turnoff mode. It is certain that someone has used your computer and modified this function. An only way to avoid this situation is to set a protected password for those settings.

In the previous article, you have known how to use Deep Freeze Standard, in this article, will instruct you to set password for your previous settings.
Set a protected password in Deep Freeze Standard
Step 1: There are two methods for opening Deep Freeze Standard on the system tray.
- Method 1: Use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F6 key combination.
- Method 2: Hold Shift key on the keyboard, double click Deep Freeze Standard icon on the system tray.

Step 2: On Deep Freeze Standard interface, select Tab Password.
- Enter New Password: Enter the password that you want to set.
- Confirm Password: Re-enter the above password.
Click OK to save the settings.

A dialogue box opens, confirm the successful setting of password, click OK to close the window or this dialogue box will be automatically closed after a while.

After setting a password successfully, re-open Deep Freeze Standard, enter the password that has been set in Enter Password -->OK to access the utility as usual.

Now, you will not have to worry that other people will use your computer to change the existing settings that you have set in Deep Freeze Standard so as to install malwares on your computer.
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Wish you success!

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