Differences between ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold

By Giang Doan

Previously, I often mistook between ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold. After a while doing some research, I have found clear differences between ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold.

Do you still wonder about the difference between ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold?

Differences between ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold.

1. ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold is a good solution for storing best memories on DVD, PC, website. This software converts static images into GIF by adding motion effect.

ProShow Gold can make things easier for you to present your story.

Furthermore, this software has the ability to create slide shows, animated images, edit rotations. Since ProShow Gold has 280 transition effects, you can edit and create photos according to your desire.

Moreover, you can also adjust the timing for each transition. The software is pretty perfect since it allows you to insert subtitles in 100 caption effects.

You can also create the soundtrack by adding MP3, WMA, WAV files. The software integrates with the function to import music from audio CD to audio ripper.

Using audio trimmer to cut the song. Adding audio clips to slide, such as sound effects or dub.

Record dub for documentaries - effects model. Volume is adjusted independently for the soundtrack.

Synchronizing Slide Show with music is also very simple with on click. Automatic backup and recovery Slide Show keeps work safe.the software also helps you create DVDs / VCDs / CDsMoreover, it also combine TV and PC playback on the same disc.

Especially, there is no limit for Undo and Redo.

2. ProShow Producer

This is the pride of Photodex, besides the function to create slide shows like ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer adds all feature that

ProShow Gold does not have. And it can be claimed that this is the best presentation graphics software for all professional graphic designers.

To know why ProShow Producer is said to add all features that ProShow does not have, let’s take a look at some of the following features of ProShow Producer to see the differences between these two programs.


Because of Layers, ProShow Producer does not limit the layers of slieshow. It allows you to easily drag and drop additional content. It also supports up to 100 file formats. Or you can change the color of a slide layer. Another outstanding feature is the ability to recover all lost data or move from one slide by Find Missing Files.


Editing image will become easier than ever thanks to the color editing tool. The software allows you to create frames for video and photos, you can also adjust the opacity of the slideshow. Furthermore, the software also supports for removing red-eye, and cut or rotate images.


You can create various motions such as rotating, zooming in and out objects. The software also allows you to create complex motions. Of course, you can preview the slide and choose the location of the image on the slideshow. Adjusting time for presentation is done by the progress bar. And you can also switch between the interface to view the list of processes.


Captions will be made with effect as well as font color on the slideshow.

Music and Sounds

Users can drag and drop to cut and create effects for audio file for their presentation. And you can save the audio track directly from a CD and drop it into the slideshow.


You can edit slideshow to have the same color and color gradient or create background. The software also allows you to control the adjustment levels of your background content.

With this article, hopefully you will recognize differences between 2 programs and choose the appropriate programs to create the most amazing slideshows

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differences between ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold


comparing two ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold


ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold was anything different


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