CCleaner - Remove junk files, increase the computer performance

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CCleaner can remove junk files, uninstall applications, fix errors and clean the registry to improve the computer performance. This application also helps to remove cookies, the cache memory as well as the browser history.

Normally, after a long-term use, you will see the appearance of so many junk files on the computer hard drive. In this case, you need a tool to clean up the system. CCleaner is the number 1 choice for you.

CCleaner is lightweight yet very effective. It will clean up your computer system quickly.

CCleaner will remove redundant or unused files to speed up your computer and help your computer work more effectively. This is an effective solution for fixing errors and cleaning the registry.

Especially, you can use CCleaner to access the network faster by removing cookies, the cache memory and the browser history. Moreover, this program also fixes computer errors with just a few clicks.

Main features of CCleaner:

- Delete junk files
- Uninstall applications
- Speed up the computer
- Fix errors and clean up the registry
- Remove cookies and the cache memory
- Delete the browser history
- Delete arising files automatically

Download here

Image of CCleaner

Delete data with ccleaner

Computer cleaning

Registry CCleaner

Cleans out clutterfrom your computer

Clean andoptimizeyour computersystem

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