Downsize Word documents with FILEminimizer Suite

By Laura

A normal Word file does not have a too-large size, but when we insert some images into it, its size will increase considerably, causing difficulties in sharing it via the Internet or attaching it into Email.

You want to downsize a Word document to manipulate on it. However, you have not known what the optimal method is. will introduce to you a software that can downsize Word files effectively. It is FILEminimizer Suite.

Downsize Word files with FILEminimizer Suite

After downloading and running the program on the computer, we take the following steps:

Step 1: From the main interface of the program, select Open Files to open your needed word file to downsize it.

Step 2: After selecting file, click Optimize Files.

There are two options for you to save the new file after downsizing it in Save optimized file in folder

- In same folder as original: Save the new file in the some folder with the original one.

- In the following folder: Save the new file in other folder with the original one.

You can also select the quality and the size of the new file in Compression Settings section.

After finishing the process, the software will display a notification about the size and ratio of the new file compared to the original one after the downsizing process finishes.

Wish you success!


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