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DriverEasy is the software which helps you search missing Drivers and update Drivers available on the computer. Besides, this utility can create backups of Drivers on the computer to avoid the case of error when you install Driver. will guide you this method.

DriverEasy not only helps you search and update missing Drivers of software on the computer but also enables you to create backups and install these Drivers. Thanks to backups of Driver, you will not have to worry about losing all Drivers on the computer if there is any mistake in the Driver setup. Use these backups to restore Driver.


Step 1: After installing DriverEasy successfully on your computer, open the utility by clicking on the icon on the Desktop.

On the toolbar of DriverEasy, click Tools ---> Driver Backup.


install DriverEasy

Step 2: A window appears with the list of Drivers installed on the computer.

Click and select Installed Drivers and ignore the System Drivers part.

Also in this window, the utility provides a folder containing the backup of Drivers or you can use your folder by selecting Browse.

There are 2 backup formats you can select: (Here, selects the Folder type).
- Folder: Create the backup folder
ZIP file: Create the backup in ZIP format.
Set up is completed. Click Start Backup.


Step 3: It will take a certain period of time depending on the computer configuration and the number of Drivers on the computer.

Click Open backup folder after the Backup process finishes. The utility will open the folder containing backups of Drivers automatically.

Backups in the Folder form will be displayed fully in the folder.

Here is the article on "How to backup Drivers with DriverEasy". Based on these backups, you can feel completely secure and do not have to worry about losing Driver if there are any unexpected mistakes when you install a new Driver on the computer.
Wish you success!


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