Droid4X cannot support Athlon AMD chipset, how to fix this error?

By Laura

The fact Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset is not any phenomena because other Android emulators may encounter it. The reason is mainly caused by programming of Droid4X. Of course, there is always an useful solution to fix the error Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset.

You get the notification “Sorry, Droid4X can’t support the AMD…”, that means Droid4X cannot support your AMD chipset. Don’t worry and don’t choose any another Android emulator for your PC in a hurry. Instead of using any another Android emulator on PC, let Taimienphi.vn help you overcome the error Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset.

droid4x cannot support athlon amd chipset how to fix this error

In the case you get the error Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset, you may feel unhappy when using this chipset. However, this error is related to the recognition of Droid4X and you can easily fix this error with the suggestion as below.


Step 1:As above metioned, the error Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset is caused by the recognition of Droid4X towards your system. To fix this error, press the combination keys Windows + R to open the command box RUN, enter “regedit” and click “OK” to confirm the access to Registry Editor. 

Registry Editor which is an extremely important part on your PC allows you to change or modify a lot of settings. However, the tips given in this article will not affect he performance of your PC.

Step 2: In Registry Editor, access to the path to go to CentralProcessor.

Access according to the order HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE > HARDWARE > DESCRIPTION > System > CentralProcessor.

In the section CentralProcessor, keep going to the folder known as 0 and look for the sub-section ProcessorNameString.

Step 3:And then, double click on the value ProcessorNameString containing the name of the AMD chipset being used, our duty is to change its name.

droid4x cannot support athlon amd chipset how to fix this error

You can rename to any type of Intel chipset and we recommend the name "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz".

droid4x cannot support athlon amd chipset how to fix this error

After that, you can reopen Droid4X to check whether the error Droid4X cannot support AMD chipset is fixed or not.

The abovementioned method is so simple but efficient enough and this is a temporary solution while you are waiting for the future versions of Droid4X which may overcome the error; so that you don’t have to rename the processor to access Droid4X anymore.

This article has shown a little error by Droid4X which doesnot affect much the experience of users, and Droid4X is also a great choice to play games. If comparing BlueStacks with Droid4X, they are actually the same. Although BlueStacks has released a new version with a lot of outstanding improvements, Droid4X also has its certain strong points. To get the most realistic compare BlueStacks and Droid4X, you should use both of the applications to experience on your own and choose the best Android emulator.


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Droid4X cannot support Athlon AMD chipset


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