Encrypt USB drive by BitLocker

By Laura

Bitlocker is a new feature added to Microsoft Windows 7/8 to encrypt drives and increase the security of data.

USB is a compact device, which is used to store data for those who have to travel a lot. However, since USB is small in size, it is easy to lose. And if anyone picks it up, they can use the data in it. Therefore, Betdownload will guide you how to encrypt USB by Bitlocker.

Encrypt USB drive by BitLocker
Step 1: Plug in and turn on Bitlocker Drive Encryption of Windows 7/8

After plugging the USB, click Start icon, then enter Bitlocker Drive Encryption and press Enter.

Step 2: Encrypt the USB

Bitlocker window appears, a list of computer drives appears. Click Turn on Bitlocker next to USB drive.

Next, the program will ask for the unlocking mode after the encryption. There are 2 methods: Encrypt by password and encrypt SmartCard. Eventhough SmartCard is stronger than password, in this article, we will use the encryption password method since this is the easier method.

Click Use a password to unlock the drive and enter the password in the 2 boxes Type your password and Retype your password (the same password 2) and click Next.

The program will ask you where to store the key to recover the password in case you forget the password. Click Save the recovery key to a file to save the key to a folder and click Next

Finally, click Start Encryption.

We have guided you how to encrypt a USB drive by BitLocker in Windows, so that any data stored on your USB will be protected. Furthermore, you can take a look at other USB protection software in Betdownload.com.


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